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  1. Has this ever happened to you? I'm the home side and these are the stats from a recent game. I had much more possession, more shots in total, even more shots on target... and lost the game 3-0. The only difference in terms of individual player ratings really was our goalkeepers: my De Gea (94) played a 7/10 and his Lloris (92) played a 10/10. Maybe this kind of result happens once in a while in real life, but I am experiencing results like this on a fairly regular basis and it always seems to be De Gea who lets the rest of the team down. There have been matches where I've had 7+ shots on t
  2. Anybody else think it would be great if we could allocate permanent squad numbers to our players? It annoys me when I change formation and the players get different numbers!
  3. £160m is a lot of dough though! And Messi turns 29 in a couple of days.
  4. Hi lads, I've been offered £160m in cash for Messi - do you think I should accept it? Would mean starting Ribery instead of him until I can sign a better replacement. Is Messi ever gonna get a rise up to 100 or is 99 the max he'll go?
  5. Good point, that makes sense. Thanks for your help!
  6. Thanks for the feedback guys. I guess I changed to 'soft' tackling style to try to avoid picking up cards (which are often picked up due to my defensive style) - which it has been useful for to be fair, but I'll try going back to normal/hard. The 'slow' tempo was in order to work a good opportunity rather than rushing - aiming for quality over quantity I guess, and the 'long ball' style was to try to get the ball to my 3 forwards when the opportunity came up, to let my best attacking players take the shots. But I'll definitely make some adjustments there as recommended by you guys
  7. Thanks for the suggestions guys! Forgot to mention - I was initially playing a 4-2-3-1 formation at the start of last season, but changed to a back 5 after this problem came up to try and make us more solid. So I don't think it's the back 5 formation that caused the issue. The rest of the team generally play quite well and the results usually aren't so bad. There is the odd game where I lose 0-1 after dominating, as I mentioned in my initial post, but most of the time, my strikers score enough goals to counter De Gea's fault. Do you think the problem could lie with my tactics? T
  8. Hi guys, I have a strange problem where pretty much every shot an opponent gets on target results in a goal for them. I'm playing a 5-2-3 formation with: De Gea; Azpilicueta, Gimenez, Hummels, Boateng, Ricardo Rodriguez; Verratti, Gundogen; Messi, Muller, Ozil. So a pretty solid team, with great defenders and a good goalkeeper in De Gea. It happened all the way through last season. I thought the issue may be resolved after De Gea got a rise to 94, but it's still the same. I'll end a game with around 10+ shots on target to my opponent's 1, and I'll still end up losing 0-1 or drawing
  9. Hi guys, I'm looking to buy a new striker as a back up option for now, but with a good chance of reaching that 91/92+ bracket within the next couple of years. Here are the main options I'm considering, but feel free to suggest others: Alcacer (90) Icardi (90) Batshuayi (89) Lacazette (91) (Kane, Lukaku, Dybala, Martial and Morata are already owned in my Game World) Which one has the best potential?
  10. Which player should I sell from: Ozil, Muller, Costa, Messi? I'm now playing a front 3, so I feel it's best to move one of them on and give my younger players a chance from the bench.
  11. Any chance of a rise for either of these players any time soon? William Carvalho (89) Andre Gomes (90)
  12. Thanks guys. It's more of a RWB position that I'm using, so I prefer Azpi there. So I'll start Gimenez ahead of Mustafi for now and rotate Mustafi in occasionally to give a rest to the other starting players, but I may have to sell him at some point if he starts developing concerns.
  13. Hi guys, I am currently using a back 5 formation with: Azpilicueta (92), Mustafi (90), Boateng (94), Hummels (93), Rodriguez (91). Now that Gimenez has hit 90 rating, he has developed a concern from being on my bench and only playing cup games. Should I sell Gimenez or make space for him in the starting team by selling one of the others?
  14. I notice Gundogan hasn't been upgraded for 3 years. I don't watch much Bundesliga so hopefully one of you will have a better idea of how he's been doing over the last couple of seasons but if his FIFA rating is anything to go by, surely he deserves a +1 or +2?
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