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  1. Took this advice. Had a good start attacking wise and had two early shots on target and then after the break they scored two free kicks before hitting a third. lost 3-0.
  2. Maybe 4-2-2-2. keeps the DM's in place but may lose my wide attack.
  3. I took over a side who in a relegation scrap. We were 8 points from safety with ten games to go. The best rating I can muster is 89 yet all other teams are 91 and above. Three games in and we faced Real Madrid (A) who rated 93. I played 4-2-3-1 (No arrows) with Normal, VD, Direct,TTM, Norm and OH. Result lost 1-0. Next was Inter Milan (H) rated 94 This time I put arrows on pos 7,6,8 & 11 to drop back and help defence. Changed instructions to Hard,VD,LB,Mix,Slow & OH, Result 1-1. Third game was against Juventus (A) Rated 90 (could have been higher but he dropped his 94 rated keeper). I kept the same formation again but this time set 8,8 & 10 to drop back with 7 & 11 to push forward to help lone striker. Same instructions except for went DBF for attacking style. Result won 1-0. Now I am 5 points behind safety with 7 to play and face Man City tonight. Going to use same system as last match. My only problem is we are not creating chances 23 shots to opponents 40 and only 3 on target for us. Is there a better attacking option for me to use.
  4. Well I kept to the above tactic today against a 4-4-2 and managed two shot on target. Lucky for me I scored one of them and kept a clean sheet.
  5. I have taken on a side struggling against relegation, my rating is 89 and as window is shut can't buy. I am playing high rated sides of 91 plus. What are the best formations for me. I have used 4-5-1 and played very defensive with long ball to try and catch them on the break. however I have lost 1-0 and drew 1-1. only 1 shot on target which was a penalty. I really need to help here.
  6. There is a rumor in the Spanish Media Wolves are set to be taken over by a Chinese Group led by Robert Li and he has agreed a deal with Julen Lopetegui to come in as Manager on a 3 year deal. Has anyone else got any info on this please. Being a Wolves fan we need a new owner sooner rather than later.
  7. Ok, A league i am in is down to 4 members so I will leave and come here. Now who to have.
  8. Thinking of joining this league, can I ask though, If the squad cap is 60 why do Chelsea have 128 players.
  9. Ive just took over at Dag & Red. Club are in debt but hold a play-off spot which i hope to hang on to despite having to sell players.
  10. seems interesting, let me know when a slot opens please.
  11. I made a comeback last year mate. I took a struggling Div 2 Wolves into Europe in just three seasons before leaving the game. I returned to find the same team available and struggling at the foot of Div 1 and looking certs for relegation. However I kept them up and then won the title the following season. I then finished 2nd and despite currently being second at the moment we are down to 5 managers so may be the final time in this league.
  12. Two of the clubs I manage are in GW's where there are 5 & 3 active managers so am in the lookout for some custom worlds where there are a decent amount of managers. If you have any slots please pm me or post below the details of the league. Thanks.
  13. If a slot is available I would like in with Dundee United.
  14. Is their any slots available please. If so I would love to join in with Dundee United, Stadium is only just over 14,000.
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