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    Hello everybody ! I was just wondering if it is normal that my players don't lose fitness after their matchs. Can someone explain me ? Thanks per advance
  2. Hello everybody ! I've bought a standard world, my tokens have been taken but I don't find how to create it. :/ Can someone help me ? Thank you in advance for your help
  3. Absolutely thanks !
  4. Hello everybody ! I have stopped the game about 2 years ago, and since my back, I've seen with pleasure that a lot of stuff have been added so far in offline game (as training), and I was wondering if training does exist in online world If not, does it mean that online players rating only correspond to soccer wiki rating ? Thank you in advance for your answers !
  5. Ok thank you for your answer !
  6. Helle everybody ! First, let me apologize for my bad english ! x) So, I would like to create a standard world game (I'm sorry if it isn't the good words, I have just translated form french ^^), and I was wondering, do I choose the opening date of the world or does the game choose for me (and in this case, how long does it take?) ? Thank you in advance for your answers, Ayrox
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