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  1. Been offered a straight swap for Firmino/Chiesa, Chiesa being mine at the monent, in two minds whether to accept. Thoughts?
  2. Hazard has to stay 95 for now. I think 95 would be fair for Sanchez, but since Ozil didn't get an upgrade we'll see what happens. Kane and Lukaku have to get a +1 for me, and Son is definitely in with a shout. Rose to 90 as well, been great for a season and a half now.
  3. Agree with the Bellerin point and agree about the inconsistency, but Siggy absolutely carries that team.
  4. Depends on if SM feel stingy or not. End of season for me but it wouldn't be unjust.
  5. Glad Pickford got his rise but can't help but feel Defoe is hard done by. He's still a terror at 34 and I know he isn't exactly Zlatan but surely a +1 to 89 would be acceptable? Larsson -2 was harsh as well, long term injury but he's just started playing again and he's still a good premier league squad player to have.
  6. Can't see Zlatan getting a -1 on his current form, got 8 in 8 at the minutes He hasn't regressed this season in my opinion he should stay. United have been hard done by. Also I feel like by the end of the season Pickford HAS to be equal with Butland, he has been immense and just pulls wonder saves out of his arse every game!
  7. I feel like personally for players to go above 92, it would be the summer ratings rather than winter to make sure it isn't just an extended purple patch. Also feel that Lallana, Mane and Firmino all deserve 91 but doubt they will all get it.
  8. Personally think an 88/89 would be more than fair for Renato Sanches, massive move, massive break out season and won Young Player of the Tournament as well as the actual bloody trophy. Obviously SM are pretty conservative with their ratings most of the time so he might only get a +2 if anything.
  9. Guys, you need to learn not to feed the trolls... On another note, looks like Ronaldo has the Ballon D'Or wrapped up after last night. He might have performed as well as he could in the games but his presence as a leader undoubtedly inspired them to win. That's one thing where there is no argument he does better than Messi.
  10. some very reactionary comments in this thread about the Euros. I remember we signed Paolo Da Silva after his monstrous performances for Paraguay in the World Cup in 2010 and he was shocking. Joel Campbell another tournament world beater, Bryan Ruiz, Ochoa, the list goes on. Robson-Kanu is without a club, highly doubt he will get a +2 because he scored a good goal against Belgium.
  11. haha what where's your source for that?? They have much bigger fish to fry at the back than getting a new keeper.
  12. Of course they aren't the only influence but they should be the biggest. No one is asking for Vardy to get 95, just 91 which would be in line with what he's done when you compare him to Lukaku/Kane and countless other 91's. When you take that from the current season and add in the fact he broke records and won the league, with 1 goal off the golden boot it's a pretty solid case for him to be a 91 and not an 89/90 like you want him to be. In my opinion the rest of the Leicester review they got pretty much spot on, because the greater squad players are mostly around the 87-89 range with a f
  13. The problem you have if you wait longer to change a rating is you can have a massive form player be in the prime of his career not get the rise he deserves, because his peak lasted a season or 2. Obviously make decisions on something like 10 games (see Townsend) but saying wait until Christmas to rise Mahrez and Vardy further after they WON THE LEAGUE is just downright silly.
  14. Lukaku still managed to bang them in for Everton and get a +1 even though they finished bottom half. I know it was more Martinez being terrible at organising a defence but it's still food for thought. Even in the worst of scenarios, I doubt they'll finish lower than 12th. Just my opinion, but I think they'll be able to attract decent players and will probably bow out of the CL gracefully in the group stages and then they can focus on the league. Ranieri isn't a silly manager, he'll know that he needs to set up for upper/midtable and that last season was a one off. Just my humble opini
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