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  1. Does anyone know anything of Ajeti?
  2. Seeing as we’re on eredivise.. fankaty Dabo +2/3?
  3. What sort of rise are we expecting?
  4. Can only be a matter of time before Immobile gets 92!
  5. Akanji +3 just for the move to Dortmund?
  6. Can someone link me the Swiss risers?
  7. I’ve snapped him up in a few game worlds I’m surprised more people aren’t interested in him
  8. I was more expecting Arthur to 82 but I will happily take 87!
  9. Has anyone done a SPL risers rhread?
  10. Semedo +2 didn’t see that coming!
  11. What are we expecting for Mascherano and Iniesta?
  12. Good shout on the Unai Nunez to 85 whoever suggested that
  13. I’m a big Icardi fan but I would assume he’s not rising because he barely plays in European competitions or his national side so that’s what is holding back his rating for now
  14. Cool I’ll hang onto them both then
  15. So you think hold on a few more months?
  16. Are Aina and Dabo worth keeping after today or selling now?
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