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  1. Re: Who do u think will win the UEFA Champions League this season? my top 3 to win the champions league barcelona inter milan real madrid
  2. Re: 3 Promotions Ina Row i also got promoted from div 4 to div 1 in succesive seasons with darlington in english championship 94 just finished 10 in div 1 but they were not my first team i managed Season League Pos 4 Division 1 10th 3 Division 2 Runners-Up 2 Division 3 Winners 1 Division 4 Winners
  3. at the end of the season you have a choice of taking the cash injection or increasing your stadium by say 3000 seats but have a limit (eg.100,000) and cannot go above this. i think it keeps it a bit relistic as it would take 5 seasons to get a extra 15,000 seats and have a choice to have cash to by players or increase your stadium
  4. can you do cash+players to buy free agents? or is it cash only.....
  5. thanks for that kevcarlisle but why is barry (copa) rated higher than Tizie(rated 78) who is first choice for ivory coast?
  6. mark milligan - i know he has been mentioned before but sm has seemed to have done the upgrades/downgrades of sydney fc and australia and he is still rated 70 he now has 3 caps for australia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mark_Milligan Boubacar Barry - reserve keeper for ivory coast rated 73 and went to the world cup in germany dont know if sm have done ivory coast yet http://fifaworldcup.yahoo.com/06/en/w/player/178958_BARRY_Boubacar.html lewis price - goalkeeper who plays for ipswich town and also wales (2 caps)only rated 80 http://www.footballdatabase.com/index.php?page=player&Id=7988
  7. Crespo 92 Vieira 94 Barthez 88 Rooney 94 Van Persie 92 Beckham 93 Terry 97 Adriano 93 Simao 93 Thuram 94
  8. i emailed support and clicked on report on the setup transfers hopefully it wont go through just have to sit and wait
  9. on setup world championship 207 i have real madrid Fred which i just brought had a bid from inter for 27m i could not reject or accept and it said nothing about it in my club messages he is on 20 weeks also anyway somehow the bid is accepted ? on the set up transfers it says FRED - LYON to INTERNAZIONALE - 22 - 91 - £8.7M - £27.0M he is at real madrid and not lyon has this happened to anyone else
  10. def agree it is unfair if you have to buy him you should be able to do a youth player request if you can prove he is at your club and in the senior team
  11. there both back at newcastle now but on world championship 207 Nicky Butt is still at birmingham James Milner is still at aston villa i dont know if this has been corrected yet on a new setup but they should of been at newcastle when wc207 started
  12. Clarkimo


    Is there any way of increasing your stadium capaticy or does it just stay the same untill they do so in real life?
  13. Clarkimo


    hi been playing soccer manager for about 6 weeks now so i decided to sign up for the forums
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