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  1. Re: Need a young first team centreback Thanks for your help manager accepted 15million for David Luiz
  2. Re: Need a young first team centreback thanks i placed a bid but he's at a managed club so i'll see what happens any externals worth bidding for?
  3. This is a new arsenal team, i have sold gallas due to his age and changing clubs, which will likely result in a serious rating decrease the centrebacks i have brought in are: Gary Cahill Laurent Koscielny whilst obviously keeping Vermaelen The problem is i require one more centreback, and Djourou isn't good enough I've gone after Kjaer, SAKHO, BONUCCI, OTAMENDI, SUBOTIC, VERTONGHEN, VAN DER WIEL and HUMMELS All i was either outbidded or are in managed teams where managers basically refuse to sell any suggestions to centrebacks that are relatively young and a good rating and chance
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