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  1. Re: Need a young first team centreback Thanks for your help manager accepted 15million for David Luiz
  2. Re: Need a young first team centreback thanks i placed a bid but he's at a managed club so i'll see what happens any externals worth bidding for?
  3. This is a new arsenal team, i have sold gallas due to his age and changing clubs, which will likely result in a serious rating decrease the centrebacks i have brought in are: Gary Cahill Laurent Koscielny whilst obviously keeping Vermaelen The problem is i require one more centreback, and Djourou isn't good enough I've gone after Kjaer, SAKHO, BONUCCI, OTAMENDI, SUBOTIC, VERTONGHEN, VAN DER WIEL and HUMMELS All i was either outbidded or are in managed teams where managers basically refuse to sell any suggestions to centrebacks that are relatively young and a good rating and chance of rising in the near future? thanks for any suggestions
  4. Re: José María GUTI will he drop nah im getting guti from an umanagable team and their 2 players i don't really need tbh and carlos is definatley not a 91 so im getting rid of him fast
  5. ive just had my bid accepted for him of Konstantin RAUSCH + da Silva ROBERTO CARLOS and 1 mill and i have no idea if it will stay, cheers will rep.
  6. i need a forward that is 91-92 now and may rise to 93 or 92 i already have gilardino and van persie and anelka is not for sale any ideas cheers. will rep
  7. i have adler and valdes is free should i swap, any chance of a rise? as adler didn't this time cheers.
  8. Re: De Rossi Or Lampard ?????urgent !:@ lampard, he'll probabley rise. and de rossi has lost his form completley possible 2 rating drop ballack might drop to 92 can't really comment on the rest but with chelseas poor form recently and him not playing very well regulary i can't see him holding onto his rating
  9. Re: "Mike lol" destroying world 1074 with 7 accounts awesome thanks, repped
  10. Re: "Mike lol" destroying world 1074 with 7 accounts this may sound very noobie but how do you issue a ticket and i questioned him about cheating and now he quits everytime a transfer goes through
  11. "mike lol" has 7 accounts in this set up and is doing very biased trades, however whenever his accounts are reported he quits all the clubs then rejoins them, how can we stop this?? he's destroying the league!
  12. Re: Goalkeepers that will rise :/ he's been taken
  13. Any keepers set to rise that are 90 or below that may hit 90 or 91? cheers thanks for your help all will be repped
  14. Re: palop or frost or enke? i don't own any of the 3 lol im looking to buy one of them as my second keeper as i have lehmann as my spare right now
  15. whos been playing best hold onto their ratings or increase? i need them for a second keeper, my first is adler is he set to rise to 92? cheers will rep all useful comments
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