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  1. Don't worry about overbidding on a player, it's not real money after all. Bid the max amount you can and let fate decide if it's enough. There'll always be another player of similar ability knocking around. Don't forget that both Messi and Ronaldo will eventually retire and both didn't start their careers rated 99 in the game.
  2. You'll have to go back with a bigger/better bid. Don't always try to dump your deadwood on clubs as part of a swap deal, add a million onto your bid and see what happens then. There's no god given reason why a club should auto accept the first bid they receive.
  3. Player concerns are full of good intentions, but don't really work so well. I have 6 teams and most of them follow the same squad size blueprint of having between 17 and 18 first team players and I rotate the players around from game to game and still my players sometimes get concerns. Concerns shouldn't really be there to niggle at managers who make some effort to rotate their players only for managers who simply don't play a player at all and just have them in their squads. It really winds me up when a player with concerns gets injured and while he's out injured (so I can't play him even if I wanted to) he moves to the next level of concern. When a player gets injured the games played compared to games missed counter should stop running. He should have any games he missed through injury taken off his missed games quota.
  4. There are loads of minnow teams available, but not many get added to leagues so it's pointless having them unless someone is brave enough to create a game world with them in.
  5. I'd go look for another game world to join. Maybe go back and have a look in a week's time or something.
  6. Good luck to you with this challenge you've set yourself. Playing the game with the likes of Bayern and Barca etc is getting pretty tired now. I always take over possibly the worst team in the bottom division of game worlds, failing that I take over a fallen giant and look to get them back to the big time. It's way more fun playing the game this way. I took over a Southport team in Div 5 and about 3-4 seasons later we are top of Div 2 and looking good for Div 1 next season. It's been great fun looking to slowly improve the squad season on season while having to try to balance the books.
  7. I agree with Daesh, he makes some good points. I try to avoid doing deals with other managed teams because I usually don't get a response. What annoys me is when I have an accepted bid for a player and some numpty comes along, takes them over, immediately leaves and in the process (for some reason) this cancels my agreed deal.
  8. I suppose SM are trying to encourage us to change our teams, which I do. I don't understand why SM insist on playing the Charity Shield games so close to the start of the season when in real life they are played a week before the opening league fixtures. Also why are Play Off games played so close together? On a more general fitness related point, why do SM insist on dishing out 7 or 8 week injuries to players? It can totally ruin the game for you. I know in real life this happens, but this is a game that's meant to be fun to play. By all means give players injuries, but limit it to 2-3 weeks for the sake of player enjoyment.
  9. There are quite a few people cheating in the game I reckon. I tend to not worry about it as I like to play the game with the smaller teams in lower divisions that can only realistically sign the B-List type players which the cheats aren't interested in buying. It's the nature of people to try to get one over on the system and take the easy road to success. This is what happens when you allow people to do anything for free, they abuse the privilege. Sad but true. I suppose it's hard to prove if someone has more than one account in a game world. If they based it on IP Address then it's very possible that two people in the same household could share a computer for internet access.
  10. Yes, that sounds good to me. I'd like SM to show current league positions when you are searching for clubs so that you don't have to take them over to see how they are currently doing in a particular game world. I'd also like them to show whether the league plays Wednesday/Saturday or Thursday/Sunday also.
  11. I agree, the chairman is a pointless part of the game. Why do we get a message from him at the start of the season? If managers were sacked because they didn't meet his expectations then it would be worth it. The problem with being in a long established game world, with lots of entrenched managers is that the transfer market stagnates as no one sells anyone. Maybe some sort of salary cap or squad size limitations would 'force' managers to sell players. I suppose this is what the Player Concerns thing is all about.
  12. In a custom game world where you can only sign players under 21 etc, what happens to the players when they reach 22? They aren't proper U21 youth leagues unless only players under the age of 22 can ever play in them. Would players really log in to sort out their U21 teams? You could arrange friendlies and have a gentlemen's agreement only to play youth team players.
  13. It annoys me when you are allowed to put a player up for loan and then the chairman blocks a loan offer. Why was I allowed to put him on the loan list in the first place? You should be able to loan out any player in your squad to save on wages and to hopefully give them some game time.
  14. What would help is if they just called teams by their typically used names, for example Bayern Munich (Bayern), TSG 1899 Hoffenheim (Hoffenheim) etc.
  15. Why are game attendances so garbage? Why aren't they linked to how well a team is doing in their game world and not so tightly bound to the real world team? If a team (any team) is in the top 5 of it;s game world they should pretty much pack their stadium out (winning teams attract lots of fans). If they are in 6th to about 10th position they should roughly get 75% capacity crowds, and so on all the way down to the relegation zone where attendances should be less than 50%. Let's not forget that typically teams in the game are usually massively better than their real world equivalents. Also why are Euro crowds typically so low compared to league attendances?
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