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    Dingos Doodah got a reaction from Antonio Mourinho in Best tactic !   
    Tactics don't decide results in this game, it's way more random than that unfortunately. It's not like rock-paper-scissors where my scissors will always cut your paper but will always get blunted by someone else's stone etc.
    Always use 3 subs in game, change the point of your attack in response to losing at 60 or 75 mins. The rest of the stuff (passing style etc) are all a smoke screen to make us think that things are so very complicated when it often boils down to random number generation. This of course is impossible to prove but it's as good a theory as any other. Saying that, I do now believe that the results are slightly more reliable than they used to be.
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    Dingos Doodah got a reaction from Rafboy94 in Player Concerns   
    Player concerns are full of good intentions, but don't really work so well. I have 6 teams and most of them follow the same squad size blueprint of having between 17 and 18 first team players and I rotate the players around from game to game and still my players sometimes get concerns. Concerns shouldn't really be there to niggle at managers who make some effort to rotate their players only for managers who simply don't play a player at all and just have them in their squads.
    It really winds me up when a player with concerns gets injured and while he's out injured (so I can't play him even if I wanted to) he moves to the next level of concern. When a player gets injured the games played compared to games missed counter should stop running. He should have any games he missed through injury taken off his missed games quota.
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    Dingos Doodah got a reaction from Kieran N in Update   
    I don't use the new interface because it's too slow and makes hard work of what was pretty simple and straightforward in the old interface.
    SM have tweaked the player positions somewhat, this is fair enough but they really ought to of given all managers a month or two advanced warning so we could transform our squads to meet the new guidelines, instead it just happened overnight (no I don't count people talking about things on forums as advanced warning). It caused me a lot of headaches with my squads and I no longer play 3-5-2 like I used to and now I favour 4-2-3-1 instead.
    Again with the new values, it just happened overnight and was good news if you already had some top players but not so good if you were looking to improve your team. I know that prize money increased also but still it took some getting used to.
    I really get annoyed when SM changes a players position in the game, from say a defender to a midfielder. Why can't the player still be a CB etc? It's not as if he'd just forget overnight how to play in a position of something. I don't mind if they add an extra position to a player, but don't take them away.
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