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  1. @thorgan lesar firstly, top job on the lists. How did you rank them? A mix of how far along they've come already and talents with a high ceiling (potential that's yet to be unlocked)? Would you consider adding your view on their future potential? Praet: cannot but agree to put him first. Did more than Dendoncker to merit a place in Belgium's World Cup squad. The steps he has taken puts him ahead of the others. Recently returned from injury and immediately gets to start against Inter. Denayer: he did help Gala in their title run last year and I feel he can improve in France. I'd rank him ahead of Mbenza. Frenchies felt Mbenza was still quite raw and I've reservations about his move to England. Cools: it didn't look pretty against Dortmund. Just the one game but the CL is a great podium to show the world what you're made off. How has he performed in the Pro League so far? Musonda Jr.: sounds like his injury isn't as bad as feared and he should soon enough make his debut for Vitesse. Really needs to get his career on track asap. Bakkali: has he done much? Feels like he's ranked too highly (I don't watch Anderlecht unless it's in Europe). The ones on your 1997-2003 I either haven't watched at all or it's too small of a sample to judge them. I'd love more info on these talents, especially on Vanheusden, not necessarily right now but as they develop throughout the season(s). PS just returned from Eindhoven, had been spending a few days there. Getting back in shape (odd to walk past so many coffeeshops and NOT smoke a joint; didn't even have a drink). I shouldn't be this sore but my mind pushes me further than my body can handle. Also, PSV needs to do some upkeep to their stadium (in before: I didn't break anything).
  2. Goethals is the godfather of Belgian football but a "quick" thank you for Bobby is in order. Statistically speaking, Bobby is Belgium's best manager ever. Up to the 3rd place win v. England, i.e. the Russia2018 campaign*: 26 games (includes 9 friendlies, 10 WCQs and 7 in Russia) ... 19 Ws / 5 Ds / 2 Ls 2.385 points per game (1.8 in friendlies, 2.8 in WCQs and 2.6 at the World Cup) 78 goals for and 22 against ... scoring 3 and conceding 0.85 goals per game Up to the NL opener v. Iceland, i.e. the running total*: 28 games (includes 10 friendlies, 10 WCQs + 7 in Russia and 1 NL game) ... 21 Ws / 5 Ds / 2 Ls 2.429 points per game (1.9 in friendlies, 3 in the NL, 2.8 in WCQs and 2.6 at the World Cup) 85 GF and 22 GA ... scoring 3.04 and conceding 0.79 goals per game *the unofficial game v. CZE, which Belgium won 2-1, isn't included even though most sources do, except FIFA. During Bobby's reign Belgium equalled the record for their: - largest win (9-0 in 2017) - largest away win (6-0 in 2016) - largest win at the World Cup (5-2 and 3-0 in 2018) - most consecutive wins (7 wins in 2018) + Belgium share the record for most goals scored during the qualis with Germany, either ECQs or WCQs (43 goals in 2016-2017) What's more, Belgium broke the record for their: - longest unbeaten run (unbeaten in 24 games in 2016-2018) - most wins at the World Cup (6 wins in 2018) - most goals scored in a single game at the World Cup (5 goals v. Tunisia in 2018) - most goals scored at the World Cup (16 goals in 2018) + Benteke broke the record for the fastest goal in a World Cup match, either qualifying or the finals (8.1 seconds) ...plus under Bobby: - Belgium reached an all-time high third place in the Elo ratings after the Ro16 win against Japan (Belgium's current Elo rating, 2078, is another all-time high) - Belgium equalled their best ever FIFA ranking = No.1 (1729.26 points is the highest total ever - Belgium broke their record in qualis, either ECQs or WCQs (2.8 points per game and a record amount of goals) ...and of course Belgium achieved their best result at the World Cup (Bronze in 2018, unless you count winning the Gold in 1920, like the Uruguayans do).
  3. 1000dB

    Official Manchester United Thread

    SAF has retired though. I admit United's league finishes were very impressive up to 2012/13 but the picture looks a bit different after, doesn't it? I read the bit about Shaw as well. Thing is Mourinho doesn't chew out players to toughen them up, mentally. He resorts to a confrontational style of managing because it helps him get results asap. It's a proven method, not only in football, yet it's very toxic. It isn't a sustainable style, at least not if Mourinho wants to stay at one club/work with the same squad for longer than a few years. After a couple of seasons players grow tired of his histrionics, especially as he has thrown quite a few players under the bus throughout the years. History shows Mourinho is a disaster waiting to happen, usually it's the 3rd year, and this season we've already seen plenty of smoke. Let's see if the fire grows.
  4. 1000dB

    Official Manchester United Thread

    Did you know: "Every team to win the Premier League in the last 15 years has sat in the Top 6 going into the first International Break. 12 of those 15 have been unbeaten at the time."? Not looking good for Manure and Mourinho already has been shaky in his trademark 3rd season. Rashford getting called out again. Alexis not really suited to how Mourinho wants to play. Fred is a poor man's Fellaini. Martial seems very unhappy. Pogba wanting out. That backline 😂 Oh yea, DDG is still woeful. @TalentSearcher Lukaku probably would have had his hattrick if he was on pen duty. I agree, he could have had 1 or 2 calls go his way as well.
  5. Your quotes regarding Belgian talents below, how about an update? Which guys would you add, move up/down a tier, ...? Maybe add the likes of Amuzu, Saelemaekers, Cobbaut, Jeremy Doku, ...? Seeing Belgium's backline needs rejuvenation I especially like to hear your views on upcoming Belgian defenders. Kompany, Vertonghen and Vermaelen will be around for the time being but for 2022 probably a 31yo Meunier and a 33yo Alderweireld (adding experience/leadership) will be the last ones remaining of Belgium's current backline. Hopefully Denayer and Vanheusden come good and replenish the team (maybe a back 4 again as there are fullback prospects now). Just a few comments: Denayer ended last season well (could have gone to Russia over Boyata). Gala wanted him back but he was sold to Lyon. Could prove to be a smart move. Should be able to get his name in the mix again regarding the NT. Engels was surplus to requirements and will try his luck in a newly promoted L1 side instead. Should move down a tier or two. Instead of Foket it was Castagne who moved to Atalanta. Has done reasonably well. Praet had a very good season and was somewhat overlooked by Martinez. He deserved to go to Russia more than Dendoncker did but supposedly Dendoncker added depth to the backline. Tielemans has had time to settle in and has plenty to prove this season. Reportedly Jardim has lots of faith in him but it takes time to adjust to his demands. Dendoncker recently moved to Wolves. Will need to step up his game and might end up as a depth signing (for the backline + midfield). Rigo starting to get some well-deserved opportunities at PSV. Emmers is receiving praise but is yet to break into top tier football. Andreas Pereira accepted a call-up from Brazil. Musonda Jr. has stalled. Celtic was a poor choice. Shouldn't have left Anderlecht that young to start with. Trossard, could very well be his year. Limbombe, let's see first how he fares at Nantes. Mbenza, Huddersfield won't have much patience with him and he has a lot to learn. Bongonda, Bakkali and Dimata are back in Belgium, the latter was scoring for fun. Januzaj seems to be getting his career back on track. Carrasco, hopefully he returns to a big league soon. Origi had a woeful season at Wolfsburg and staying with Liverpool this season might not be the best choice. Batshuayi did well at Dortmund and I would have liked him to return, give him a bit of stability, but we'll see how Valencia works out.
  6. 1000dB

    Official Chelsea FC Thread

    Yawn. Still I'll admit it isn't over a billion, to be exact €860,58 million has been spent since SAF retired. Yet that amount doesn't include swaps (like Alexis, who's receiving a king's ransom, Mkhi was a flop though) or players that came on a "free" and with the add-ons you'll probably get over a billion or thereabouts. A billion sounds better but hey-ho it's €860m (and whatever you like the valuations for the rest to be). DDG has gouged Manure before, during the fax machine saga, and with his contract winding down expect him to treat Manure no better than how he likes to treat underaged prozzies (physically and sexually abuse them, if you know what I mean).
  7. 1000dB

    Official Manchester United Thread

    IDK Fred was a convicted drug user.
  8. 1000dB

    Official Chelsea FC Thread

    @TalentSearcher how much sway do you think Mourinho should hold over Manure's transfer "strategy"? Being gifted free rein isn't exactly common these days and Mourinho looked particularly helpless this summer. Still compared to Moyes, with Fellaini as his one "marquee" signing, Mourinho has no reason, at all, to cry so much. Half a billion is serious money, and another half billion euros had been spent in the three years before he joined, yet Manure still look quite dysfunctional. Hey-ho, enjoy coming up with excuses for squandering over a billion euros and for a "rebuild" that's taking longer than it took to build the pyramids. FYI, quite a few Manure players have entered the last year of their contract, DDG and Martial among them.
  9. 1000dB

    Official Chelsea FC Thread

    Can't help feeling pity for Mourinho (well, I'll give it a try, turns out I can help it and it wasn't even that hard). Poch 🤣
  10. 1000dB

    Official Chelsea FC Thread

    Turns out "austerity" Chelsea, that you banged on about, has spent more this summer. Even Fulham have outspent Manure. We also saw players, the likes of Boateng, Godin, Witsel, Bonucci?, Bale?, Ronaldo?, et al. snub Manure. Pogba's head seems to be turned and Martial definitely is unhappy. Everton did get the Yerry Mina deal over the line. Mourinho has been after Perisic for a while but is no closer. And so on, and so on. Oh yea, Manure's deadwood just scored the decisive goal.
  11. 1000dB

    Official Chelsea FC Thread

    Yes Mourinho's famous 2nd season. Only this time it was a trophyless season, placing 19 points behind the champions. How much has Mourinho spent now? Half a billion euros, Ibra ("free") and Alexis (swap deal and stealing a living, knocks on José's door every week, €550K boss, played like sh1t, who cares, pay me). How many flops since SAF left? Half a decade later, spending over a billion euros, and the team still looks a mess. Even Leicester won the title while Manure finished 7th - 4th - 5th - 6th - 2nd. I wouldn't be too optimistic about the upcoming season either. Mourinho's 3rd season meltdown remember. PS Ronaldo moved to Juve. I thought you said he was coming "home"? What happened? @TalentSearcher
  12. 1000dB

    Official Chelsea FC Thread

    So you're saying you were wrong for 4 windows in a row and 5th time is the charm (the maximum usually is the 3rd time). Mourinho's infamous 3rd season, what do you think, he already seems on edge. Again, Courtois only had 1 year left on his contract and would have left on a free next summer. Better to sell this summer and get 4 times what Chelsea paid Genk and Kovacic as a sweetener. Kepa had 7 years left + he was coming from a club that only sells when the buy-out clause is met. Sarri is a longtime admirer, good fit, 23yo, top quality goalie, ...
  13. 1000dB

    Official Chelsea FC Thread

    Ever since the split with his girlfriend/she taking their kids to Madrid has it been an issue and when talks broke down about the extension of his contract it was clear he'd leave. So well before your post. Next summer Courtois could have left on a free and earned himself a massive signing bonus (if it was about money, instead of being close to his kids, he should have stayed one more year). Now he's leaving for 4 times what Chelsea paid Genk and with Kovacic as a sweetener midfield is really starting to take shape. Jorginho - Kovacic - Kante is one hell of a midfield. I doubt Sarri will win the title in his first season like Conte did. Given time he should be able to build a title-challenging team. Holding onto Hazard was essential. After Cahill Hazard is now the longest serving (first) team player. Surprisingly Courtois had joined Chelsea even before Cahill and including the vast loanee army only one guy has been more loyal than the snake Courtois. He's getting plenty of abuse. A shame Mourinho and the board didn't get a fraction of that sort of abuse for the way they handled the likes of De Bruyne, Lukaku, Salah, ... it cuts both ways. PS it sounds like Sarri was advised by Reina and Kepa fits the profile he's looking for better than Courtois. In the end things seem to have worked out for the better.
  14. Trossard is being talked about as a potential Golden Boot. The expectation is he'll have a massive eason. Seeing you have a few 23yo in your list doesn't he belong? Saelemaekers is winning over Anderlecht fans. @thorgan lesar
  15. 1000dB

    Rahul W's rating predictions

    Uefa used to profile promising talents, one at a time each week or so, and they did a decent job. The 50 are worth considering if they're available in your gameworld. Have a look at which leagues are/will be reviewed if you like to wait. I think @Monolithichas a better idea of which leagues are up for review. Well, IIRC he had a better view of the order than I ever did.