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  1. Vanheusden to receive a call-up? Cobbaut and Boyata got injured (were called up) and Vermaelen might not be allowed to travel home.
  2. Haven't been keeping a close eye but if SW can still be trusted Brazil should be next (like Argentina, at a snail's pace by the looks of it). Maybe Germany will be clustered with Italy, Spain and England. Possibly they're waiting for CL/EL to restart in August. We'll see.
  3. Kossounou was terrible. The game wasn't much to look at either. Gent did well, deserved to get something from that game. Haven't watched much this season. Simply didn't find the time.
  4. Every window since his move to China there has been plenty of smoke. Some of it must have been fire even though he wasn't allowed to leave until now. Things did get heated between Carrasco and his club from time to time. Plus you have the Dalian Wanda links with Atleti and agents looking to grab even more cash.
  5. Didn't sound like he was allowed to join any other club but Atleti. Lots of money was made by pushing him towards China. Now he has returned I'm hoping he can make a case for himself and earn a permanent move. Should be hungry enough. Let's see where he ends up in the summer window.
  6. Seems to happen with long posts. Mods can help you out (haven't had to ask them in quite a while so idk if that's still the case).
  7. Unlucky, as usual. Let's see which Man Utd shows up in February. And who knows maybe Roma will underestimate Gent. Rough draw for both Belgian clubs. Shouldn't lack motivation. Upsets, always lovely when they happen. Fingers crossed.
  8. Standard failed to grab the 10 points needed to advance to the KOs last matchday and also this matchday (despite having a 2 goal lead to defend). It was a hard group and yet they came close again. The draw(s) haven't been kind to Belgian clubs. In future a bit more luck, like all those soft draws that Holland has been getting, wouldn't go amiss. Antwerp losing their head in the qualis has proven to be quite damaging at the end of the group stage. AZ took 8 points home (11.5 including the games before their win over Antwerp) and has given Holland's coefficient a 1.6 lead over Belgium's thi
  9. I feel 5 centre backs (+ Dendoncker if needed) is plenty but Martinez could opt for 6 instead and might want to give Kompany, if fit and in form, a chance to end his career as an international on a high. Kompany wants to be there but Martinez said he'd only include him if Kompany has match rhythm. Martinez only took Lukaku and Batshuayi with him in 2018. Mertens or Hazard can also provide cover. Might again opt for two strikers this summer.
  10. I don't like making yet another long-winded post. Lengthy posts get hidden anyway and then I have to bother Kev again. Besides I don't expect a huge churn compared to Russia 2018. The team is settled. Any question marks can be resolved in March plus can't tell now who'll be fit and in form come summer.
  11. Flawless in qualifying is another first achieved by this generation. It doesn't hurt to keep winning games to instill a winning mentality. Mentally the team does look stonger, since the World Cup campaign, and team spirit has been superb as usual. Belgium on top of the overall ranking. I'm quite proud of our EURO 2020 campaign so far. And, besides finishing the year as the highest ranked team in the world again (+ picking up yet another FIFA Team of the Year award), Belgium is Elo's No.1 for the first time as well. Our Elo rating (+ our FIFA ranking) isn't simply about vanity, it does show how
  12. None of the big teams and not a chance that we'll be joined by League D's play-off winner. FML. EURO 2020 Group B: Belgium Russia Denmark Finland UEFA separate Russia and Kosovo in bid to keep the peace => meaning the League D play-off winner cannot be drawn into Belgium's group. The other play-off paths will most likely contain hosts linked to other groups. Currently Finland and Hungary are in pot 4 but as Hungary are hosting as well Belgium's group for EURO 2020 is already complete (*ATM Czech Rep., Wales or Slovakia can still end up in pot 4 instead of Hungary).
  13. When Holland eventually overtake Belgium remind me to blame Antwerp. Easier games in the final matchdays. Let's see who'll advance from the groups.
  14. How the final EURO 2020 draw looks now (of course November's results might cause a few changes):Group AItalyPoland/Turkey/Croatia/FranceCzech Rep./Portugal/Switzerland/Austria/SlovakiaFinland/SwedenGroup B Belgium Denmark Russia Finland/SwedenGroup CNetherlandsPoland/Turkey/Croatia/FranceCzech Rep./Portugal/Switzerland/Austria/SlovakiaLeague A or League D play-off winnerGroup DEnglandPoland/Turkey/Croatia/FranceCzech Rep./Portugal/Switzerland/Austria/SlovakiaLeague C play-off winnerGroup ESpainPoland/Turkey/Croatia/FranceCzech Rep./Portugal/Switzerland/Austria/SlovakiaLeague B play-off
  15. How the final EURO 2020 draw looks now (of course November's results might cause a few changes): A: Italy Poland/Turkey/Croatia/France Czechia/Portugal/Switzerland/Austria/Slovakia Finland/Sweden B: Belgium Denmark Russia Finland/Sweden C Netherlands Poland/Turkey/Croatia/France Czechia/Portugal/Switzerland/Austria/Slovakia League A or League D play-off winner D England Poland/Turkey/Croatia/France Czechia/Portugal/Switzerland/Austria/Slovakia League C play-off winner E: Spain Poland/Turkey/Croatia/France Czechia/Portugal/Switzerland/Austria
  16. You want to play Russia again at the EUROs? Taking first in the qualis increases the chances of that happening/as things stand a draw might not even be needed and we'd automatically be added to Russia's group. Before the previous matchday Belgium (as group winners) would have to be drawn into group B (with Russia +/- Denmark) or group C (with Holland +/- Romania). After that matchday only group B would be open for Belgium unless things change in the final three matchdays. Group B is a decent one as far as travel distance, rest days, path through the KO rounds, etc. is concerned. Pla
  17. I'd love a flawless record in the qualis but most importantly Belgium have qualified for the EUROs. Like the Russia 2018 qualis Belgium is again the first and currently only side to reach the final event. Loooong trip to Nur-Sultan now (used to be called Astana). With qualification already secured focus could very well be lost, as usual. Crappy plastic pitch as well. Kazakhstan can't qualify directly any longer but at home they'll try to get a result though. @thorgan lesar a pity about not scoring that 10th goal but hey-ho they once more equalled the record. Plus Lukaku became the fi
  18. Didn't watch. Good to hear they still do well at home in the CL. Now improve your away record, please smurfs.
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