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  1. Re: moutinho + 40 = raul i got rossi, mata, zarate, suarez, and jovetic as my other forwards so i'm not short of options here. yeah raul was a key goal scorer last season but with the arrival of kaka and probably ronaldo and who knows who else i don't see where he will fit in the starting line up especially with a new coach as well so i was just thinking it would be to cash in on him now and strengthen other parts of my squad and i get mountinho as well who's pretty decent.
  2. i just got an offer of 40mil and joao mountinho for raul gonzalez. is this deal worth it especially since i doubt raul's role for real madrid next season as a starter?
  3. Re: vucinic yeah i saw him score twice too but marcellis is supposedly a future Holland international but seeing as it is i don't really need him as he is just 3rd choice at the moment.
  4. ive been offered mirko vucinic for dirk marcellis? is this a worthy deal?
  5. romanista1

    Robert Pires

    Re: Robert Pires i remember asking about him before the spanish ratings and i was told he would either stay or most probably go down to 89 even though i thought he had been playing well. i wanted him to to reinforce the midfield and wanted to get him cheap but his value went up at the unmanaged club:mad:
  6. Re: Spanish Ratings i just swapped kezman of PSG for joseba llorente even though he is currently rated 88 compared to 89 for kezman how will llorente do? will he hit 89 this time around and maybe 90 at teh end of the season if he keeps playing regularly and scoring?
  7. Re: Spanish Ratings how will gabriel milito do?
  8. Re: Italian Ratings how will alessandro rosina of torino do? is he in for a drop?
  9. Re: Turkish Database - Ask me anything they are over?? i thought it had a few more days well i guess they wont get a rise anyways was hoping for it though... at least Bobo deserves a +1
  10. Re: Turkish Database - Ask me anything how will Bobo and Mehmet Toupoz do?
  11. Re: Robert Pires thanks a lot for the help!! i will probably get venta anyways a bit off topic who else do you guys recommend those along the lines of venta from any other team or league:)
  12. I'm looking for some Villarreal players that are still not managed to strengthen my team. i have the choices of pires, venta, and edmilson. im leaning towards pirse because it seems he has been pretty consistent but i havent followed the team week in week out will any of these players be rising staying the same or dropping. i would think they deserve to stay if not a rise at least looking at their form
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