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  1. Hey guys, juust wanted to note that for me the 88 rating for Ousmane Dembele is a total underestimation. I mean, there are plenty of other wingers and players with regular performances with better rating. Though only 19 years old, O. Dembele is being performing as one of the best in the Bundesliga for long and keeping the rating so low is actually penalising who owns him. The price (20 mln actually fits a 90 rate) makes him valuable, but we all know how much the rating matter in terms of performances in SM. I wonder if it is possible to give the rating some boost in the next months, even before the next roundup:) Other underestimations in my opinion? Fabinho should change positino in the field (he stared playing in the midfield and) be already 91 and Bellerin the same story cheers:)
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