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  1. I made a new setup today, It's 2 divisions of 12 teams. No buying from unmanaged, and invite only at the moment. I only have 24 teams cos I wanted it to be a full setup with ONLY people who are serious about trying with them. Don't want anyone who's going to quit so, altough I have all good teams left, noyone respond if they are liable to quit soon. The setup is called Goodfellas II and pm me so I can add then invite you for a team if you say your preferred team(s). And I ll promise to give you one. Teams are - Bayern Munchen (me) Barcelona(taken) Juventus Inter(taken) Real Madrid(ta
  2. Re: GoodFellas Setup Transfer/Results News!!! Chelsea bring in Kaka for Torres! 3million + torres was for kaka, was the agree deal between 2 of the league's biggest clubs. With Barcelona and Chelsea both underachieving last season, Chelsea decided to part company with Fernando torres in order to facilitate another brazilian, in the form of Kaka. Kaka was said to be ecstatic at the move, citing chelsea as the most succesfull club in goodfellas. "They considered last season disapointing despite 2 cup finals, and a cup win! So I'm thrilled to be able to play alongside del piero,cannavaro
  3. Re: GoodFellas Setup Transfer/Results News!!! INIESTA LEAVES CHELSEA After 7 seasons with Chelsea, Iniesta left this morning to real madrid. The creative spaniard scored 27 goals and was hailed their most important player the last time Chelsea won the league. Real Madrid had been interested him for a good while, and a deal of 15 million, Robinho and Alex del piero was agreed yesterday. Chelsea coach said this - " We didn't win the league last season, and 7th was appalling. I felt we needed a bit more in the winger department, so robinho can fill that space. And I've long been a fan of Ale
  4. Re: Ciso's Setup!Match Reports/Transfer news Man Utd coasting along Sunday's derby prooved to be an exciting counter, the city of manchester stadium attracted 47,000 fans, and they weren't dissapointed. Kaka opened the scoring just before half time, before wright phillips netted just after the break. Ronaldinho made it 2 from 2 though and sealed the winner for the visitors on the 58th minute. Anelka came on and impressed late on but couldn't add to the scoreline. "3 wins from 3 is a great start, we knew we're one of the favorites to go up, and it's easy to get complacent and beleive hype.
  5. Re: Possible new custom world My Juve beat Villareal 3-2, but made hard work of it . Was 3 up after 18 mins, thinking yeh , gonna cruise this , then they pull 2 back lol. Mancini + Aquilani are the only additions thus far. Good luck everyone in the setup btw!
  6. Re: Possible new custom world I'd love to have Juventus or Ac Milan if possible. Would treat em good too and try hard.
  7. Re: Adriano Quits Football. Would be a loss to football, if he did quit. He's a 20 goal a season forward if he got his head right. Hopefully, this is just another bs article from goal. Get rid of his off the field problems, and I truly beleive hes one of the top 10 strikers in world football.
  8. Re: Gold Championship 58 Hello all. Just thought I'd introduce myself, I'm manager of Grosseto in Serie B. So if anyone wants to loan out a player or 2. I'd happily take them off their hands.
  9. Re: Ciso's Setup!Match Reports/Transfer news Man Utd team taking shape Ronaldinho and Anelka have completed their medicals and man utd's wheeling and dealing looks to be coming to conclusion. "We need a left sided winger, and perhaps a centre back, then I think we're done. The player's I've brought in are the characteristics I wanted, you could argue I've brought in too many attacking players, but with old clubs I've been known to be too defensive. This time around I want to say whom ever we play,we might concede, but we're gonna score more than you! " chucked the coach.
  10. Re: Three Nations League (managers wanted) I'd take roma , if they're still free.
  11. Re: Ciso's Setup!Match Reports/Transfer news Man Utd Make hard work of Lazio 2 goals down after 23 minutes and man utd fans must have been thinking what were they thinking hiring mr baldo, but man utd showed character and overcame a plucky and resilient lazio at old trafford. Cristiano Ronaldo, debutant Gattuso and a 79th minute winner from Nani gave the home side maximum points though. And the start to the season that they expected. Man utd recently parted company with hargreaves and Rio Ferdinand and some cash in order to bring in Kaka and Gattuso, questions marks remain over the defence
  12. Re: Bogus Private Message? Thanks for that , I actually lol'ed for real.
  13. Re: Bogus Private Message? I got done too. Fortunately got my account back now though.
  14. Hi , sorry if this is wrong part of forum. I had a pm earlier today, saying click this link to help soccermanager, i logged in with SM details and they said they'd send me something. I was sceptical, as to what it was, so i probably shouldnt have clicked the link. Now hour later, I go to login and i cant! I click forgot password and send to my email adress and i haven't received an email. Anyone got any help, im confused . my name on soccer manager is narciso baldo if this is of any use. I think they've logged in on my account, and possibly changed my registered email too so i can't even
  15. Re: Great new setup being made today I have yet to accept anyone for Chelsea yet guys, since draga kinda backed out. He can have them if he applies asap, if not next forumer who wants them can have them.
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