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  1. I ain't even got 8m. I would have tried to raise it but 12m way out my price range
  2. Who you willing to sell at 87rating +? Need to build a stronger team
  3. Ow much condition do players lose after a game? And how much do they gain each non-match day? Also, how much do players lose if they only play half a game as a sub or coming off for a sub? I heard they lost 15-25% after a game but some of my players lost 30%+ after last night.
  4. Is there anyone you are selling/loaning 87rating and above?
  5. You must be the United manager. The guy who keeps rejecting everything I do. I wanted that old fart Michael Carrick but you seem too attached
  6. Been waiting ages for the next Gold championship to come out. How often do they make them now? I'll be burried before I start a proper season at this rate
  7. I can't find any of these game world's, I would need a game ID
  8. How do i join the latest game worlds? Gold championships too?
  9. I've just had turn 1 last night and my next game says turn 4 and is missing 3 games off my schedule. Says my next game is in 10 days? What is going on because my next game is supposed to be tonight.
  10. Do seasons always last 6 months? Or can you chabge it so you have a game more frequently? 4 days without a game would make it so easy to be inactive for 7days and get kicked out.
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