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  1. Hey guys, when do you think we could expect Kehrer and Lindelof to hit 90? Do you see any of the two hitting 91 by the end of current season? Thanks
  2. Skriniar and Manolas 92 Then, I expect Laporte to be at least 92 in this review Otherwise, SM is ridicoulous
  3. How is Dahoud’s potential? I have been offered Dahoud + Pione Sisto for Kramaric. Should I accept?
  4. Why doesn’t Kramaric get his overdue +1 to 91? He has scored tons of goals last season, went to the World Cup final and now is scoring a lot again
  5. So, would you sell Yerry Mina for Jovic + 4M?
  6. Best solution IMO. Btw, are you alone in this gameworld?
  7. What is Luka Jovic’s potential in your opinion? Is he rumoured to a big move next summer?
  8. I would not, unless with those 16M you could buy another good CM
  9. No rise for Gnabry? What small he be doing to get to 90?
  10. What is Yerry Mina’s real potential? Can he become 91+? Would you Exchange him for Malang Sarr + Aaron Martin?
  11. Not likely...30% 93 - 70% 92 IMO..he should get the same treatment as Di Maria, once he turns 30 he drops by 1...plus, not really being impressive at Inter this season so far
  12. I would definitely sell him for that amount of cash, and re-invest it in other young prospects
  13. And what about De Sciglio? Any chance of him getting to 90 soon?
  14. Son (mine) for Van Dijk: would you do it? I am in a very competitive GW and have Neymar, Sterling, Son, Mahrez, Coman, Gnabry as wingers; Gimenez, Laporte, Lindelof, Mina, Kehrer as DC And another question: Who are the next right backs and left backs who will become 91 or more?
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