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  1. What is your guys opinion of Choudhoury? Shall I get him in exchange for my Louza?
  2. Do you think so? Then what about i.e. Dan James' 33 games, 3 goals and 6 assists? Why should he be 87 raising to 88?
  3. Shouldn't Trezeguet from Aston Villa have risen by +1 to 87? His season stats were not too bad (34 games, 6 goals, 2 assists).
  4. Wasn't he arrested in Greece? Being an external observer, I think Leeds are building up a decent side for the Premier League
  5. I would definitely take Goretzka This is a bad deal also in the short term, IMHO. Sterling is 94 rated (soon to be 95) + Ake just moved to Man City and the others you are mentioning are all 92 and dropping (very very soon, I don't see Chiellini keeping his 92 and his spot in Juve starting XI for long)..
  6. I think he deserves it, but still nothing. Maybe this winter with the Bundesliga review
  7. Until Saturday morning, I was sure of it. Now, I read last Bayern match he got a ACL injury (second time in his career) and I also read that he won’t make it until the end of the season. Apparently, he will also skip the Euro Cup 2020 with the German NT. I am afraid he will stay at 91 until he’s back
  8. Guys, I have been offered Isco for Ndombele + F. Mendy. Would you take him? Is his 93 rating safe?
  9. What do you think of J. Gomez? He does not seem likely to hit 90 (or even more) soon...scarce playing time and poor performances...what do you guys think? Shall I keep him or shall I accept Rugani+Mandzukic for him?
  10. What do you think of K. Coman’s potential? If he manages not to suffer any further injuries, do you think he will hit 92/93 anytime soon? And what about Tolisso and Gnabry? Will they also raise to 92 during next reviews?
  11. I have just been offered money (20M) + D. James and A. Fati for Tolisso. Would you sacrifice him for the two youngsters?
  12. You won’t believe it, but Oblak’s current manager just told me that Son is “a failed 93” and that he also wants Laporte in the deal. Just to give you all an idea of the level of crazyness in my GW..
  13. I. Cordoba (22, Athletic Club) J. Kluivert (20, AS Roma) W. McKennie (21, Schalke)
  14. Thanks for your suggestions, guys! unfortunately, in my GW all the mentioned GKs are impossible to buy, meaning that their respective owners do not want to sell them at all (or ask for crazy exchange - such as Neymar for Ederson or Sterling for Ter Stegen). Do you think I‘d better keep my 3 players and keep playing Strakosha? Is he getting to 90/91 soon? Thanks
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