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  1. Well if that's the case, if i'll get the amount they are worth, then I guess it's not necessary to sell them. They are highly rated and they provide a good addition to my teams! I'll just hope that they don't drop in value...
  2. Good day, Today I found out that Xabi Alonso and Philipp Lahm will be retiring this summer when the season ends (in real life). Due to this I was wondering will they also be retired in Soccer Manager? I have these players in few of my teams and if they will be retired, I think now would be a great moment to sell them. Any thought, gentlemen?
  3. I'm all about trying new things but the reason I'm still using the old UI is due to the reason that there is no "Clear Squad" button in "Tactics" menu. When selecting a new squad for the upcoming game it is an essential part of my planing and it is the first thing I do before placing any player on the field. It is much easier for me to start selecting players when there is no one on the field, instead of replacing them. Lack of "Clear squad" button is one of the reason I'm not playing single player games, although I might be more than happy to do so! If this option will be left out I am seriously considering to leave this game for good!
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