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  1. they consider last season,one of the best of league.
  2. he should stay after yesterday performance :/
  3. i don't forget..Vermaelen at Roma ahahahahha RIDICOLOUS!
  4. NO i think he stay at 90..every game starter and also usually one of the best..
  5. another mistake with players generated..brenner sabino two month ago..now brenner silva..i don't find info about brenner sabino
  6. i will see Gordon,i don't know him thanks
  7. In a competitive world with difficoult to find talent yes..in a normal league with half manager not..Is a normal player but he's 16..-
  8. So i think Arthur 85/86/87? in my idea 85
  9. No Rise for Gustavo scarpa? One or the top player of this Brasilerao?Bah
  10. No i have two player with same name of 1998 and one 1996..he's the 96'.
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