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  1. This will be my first prediction ( i did once in 2 years ago but screwed up because of Fenerbahce fanatics . ) Turkey is heads up after 7 and i will start making predictions . 16.week played and 1 week after 1st round will finished. Ankaraspor is disqualifed from the league so all matches played with Ankaraspor finsihed 3-0. Also you can ask about Turkish players in other countries ( Tuncay sanli , Gokdeniz etc. ) . Turkey failed to go 2010 Africa World Cup due to his non-goal good plays. That will effect of course because Turkey and Spain was favourite. Turkcell Super Lig :
  2. Re: Turkey & Israel Ratings after two sections i think. Ninja Edit :7. Albania, Cyprus, Greece, Israel, Malta & Turkey After England ratings. And i might be looking making Turkey predictions because i can watch the games All night.
  3. Re: Loan Market Addition That is a incoming feature that worked on. So that might be a solution.
  4. Re: Loan Market Addition Positive thing : Small clubs can save money and it will effect their performance. Negative thing : Big clubs with horde players will gain much more money by loaning . Also cheaters will buy pointless players ( 10k 20k old players for example ) and loan them to their other clubs. That would be disaster i think. If we can find a solution about negative thing i mentioned that idea can be good.
  5. Re: Frank Nouble, West Ham Striker He is a young player and he can play in West ham united as a bench player (That is a good thing for a young player if you can play in your team as a substitute) He will be regular someday.
  6. Re: 2009 Japanese League Ratings Thread Good predictions out there. And if you can add their Apperances on the team ( if possible goals and assists ) that would be great! Repped.
  7. Re: ronaldo in 4-3-1-2 ? I think no one would confirm this . What are your other two regular strikers ? And agress with Grotoldo if you can buy him buy him straight away.
  8. Re: Frank Nouble, West Ham Striker in Birmingham West Ham united match he was in the bench and entered the game in 82th minute. I didnt see his special thing in the match.
  9. Re: ronaldo in 4-3-1-2 ? In my opinion , in 4-3-1-2 you can only select Cristiano Ronaldo as a Forward.
  10. Re: Hello Lads ! Welcome to the forums Mr.Ru!
  11. Re: Galatasaray stadium It have a 52 thousand capacity it will finish in 29 October if there is not a delay and Galatasaray will make last changes (maximum to 3 months ) so it will used in 2nd period of matches
  12. Re: Roma's sub goalkeeper or Sampdoria Regular goalkeeper ? I will take your advice but due to Samps goalkeeper's age i wont sell the Romanian keeper . Thank you!
  13. Firstly sorry for my English. I'm contorlling Sampdoria on Wolrd Championship 5 i have two Goalkeepers one of them is : Bogdan Lobont 89 rated , 31 years old Roma's sub goalkeeper . other is : Luca Castellazi 88 rated 34 years old Sampdoria's regular goalkeeper. Currently im thinking selling castellazi but , Roma's sub goalkeeper's condition (playable matches) can change so what do you think ? Dont say sell both of them because i can't find a good 88 or above rated goalkeeper.
  14. Re: English Championship 2- AFC Bournemouth- Road to Glory! Without Ashton We can't bring much scores. But with Craig Bellamy's 1 goal we managed to defeat Darlington and Darlington's Pasqual , Maresca and Pizarro. After 75th minutes we played a defensive 4-5-1 to finish score 1-0. Here is the score: AFC BOURNEMOUTH 1 DARLINGTON 0
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    Pick A 'Pear'

    Re: Pick A 'Pear' Pavel Nedved (Juventus)
  16. Re: England - Without the EPL? Can i be Doncaster ?
  17. alphoca

    Pick A 'Pear'

    Re: Pick A 'Pear' Gianluigi Buffon (Juventus , Italy )
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    Pick A 'Pear'

    Re: Pick A 'Pear' Alessandro Del Piero (Juventus , Italy)
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    Pick A 'Pear'

    Re: Pick A 'Pear' Garcia Sergio Ramos (Real Madrid)
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    Pick A 'Pear'

    Re: Pick A 'Pear' Ruud Van Nisterooy [When was with Luc nilis in PSV(in 2000 i think)(And He went to Real Madrid by Luc Nilis' Assits)] (Real Madird)
  21. Squad: First Team squad: Reserve squad: Club's most interesting way: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MZI5K7n1Ewc Most Valuable Players: Goalkeeper: Nicolas Douchez Defender: Marc PFERTZEL: Middlefielder: Serghei Covalciuc: Forward: Dean Ashton : Transfer Bugdet: -2.0 M Top 5 goal scorers in club: Dean Ashton(CF) 10 Danko Boskovic(CF) 2 Klimenti TSITAISHVILI (Fwd) 2 Serghei Covalciuc (CM/LM) 2 Top 5 Assitter in club: Klimenti TSITAISHVILI(Fwd) 7 Craig Bellamy(Fwd) 6 Serghei Covalcuic (CM/LM) 5 Juan Carlos Mosqueda (AM/RM) 2 Danko Boskovic (CF) 2 Manager:
  22. Re: 4-5-1 Defensive in Counter-attack style use long ball instead. Long ball + counter attack make great combo with Fwd.
  23. Re: Stadium Expansion ? When it is expanded in real life
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    Re: 3-3-4 Use it for last shot. In my former Schalke 04 , i have many injuries (7) , and i have only got bunch of forwards limited middlefielders and defenders. I used 3-3-4 , and i scored 11 and conceeded 2.
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