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  1. I was expecting a +2 for him, but I admit I was nervous when I saw most of Villareal done and nothing for him. haha
  2. I still hope that samu chukwueze will rise at least +1.
  3. Happy new year guys, health and success !!!✌️
  4. When do you think the review will be done in Portugal?
  5. They are updating Italy, so I would say you start with following the Italian league table starting at milan 10th, as they are updating 3 teams a day and will not have time to buy them tomorrow. tomorrow should be updated Fiorentina 13th, Bologna 12th and Verona 11th.
  6. After seeing what they did in France I am pretty pessimistic about the upcoming updates. One of the worst updates I've ever seen for sure.😓
  7. Sorry for asking this here but it is the most frequented section, I have João Felix in a GW but he does not score goals or assists even though he is one of the few over 90, any hint of position or advice that makes it work. I have tried several schemes and placements.
  8. You're right, I was so upset about Bradaric's situation that I ended up confusing things. 😅
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