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  1. I need an Forward going up to 89/90 now in December, any ideas?
  2. Any idea when they will update Argentina?
  3. Tchouameni to 85 in December?
  4. Expected at least a +4 for Aslak WITRY. 😠
  5. With the recent generosity in the reviews do you think it is possible for Tammy Abraham to get an 89 in the next review?
  6. I believe you did right, are definitely not on the same level.
  7. The updates are really terrible, but isn't it better to wait for the top teams?
  8. Can Victor osimhen rise to 88 in the next update?
  9. I actually made a bet, figured they would play more minutes. 😅
  10. Waiting for updates from Khellven, kaio jorge, gabriel veron. 😪
  11. Any idea when they will upgrade Austria?
  12. What do you think will be Gedson Fernandes next overall and when do you think they will update Portugal?
  13. One of the best midfielder in Brazil in a long time, excellent player. Already refused 40M € from china.
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