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  1. I would choose Veron, I believe he is better but i am a Palmeiras fan so ... rsrsrs i'm kidding veron it really is better, you should grab him. Kaio jorge is getting more minutes because Santos is short of strikers, this week he even played for Santos at Libertatores and scored the winning goal, they are talking here that Juventus are watching him. Veron should play less and less now, as Palmeiras have hired Rony from athletico for the wing, unfortunately my team does not give due value to the boys at the base. You should look at Gabriel Menino and Patrick de Paula, they have been receiving mi
  2. Man I'm Brazilian, so I can only give you an opinion under the perception of those who barely follow Portuguese football. Answering your question, YES Ruben dias is a must buy, and I would choose it over Ferro every day of the week, as for the value of 40M it depends on how the GW is doing, if it is one of those leagues in which it is almost impossible to negotiate and all the good talents have already been taken I would pay.
  3. He tried to return to Europe now at the end of the season here, but no proposal arrived (I believe it is due to the bad experience he had there), I believe it will only get more difficult as he gets older. Who is he? Has he scored two goals in the Copa Libertadores final? 😄 We joke that he did very badly playing in Europe, but he still has impressive numbers.
  4. Gabigol since joining Flamengo: 65 games 🏟 49 goals ⚽ 14 assists 🎯 Champion of Carioca 🏆 Libertadores Champion 🏆 Brazilian Champion 🏆 Super Cup Champion 🏆 Recopa Champion 🏆 Libertadores Top Scorer 🔝 Top scorer of the Brasileirão 🔝 Top scorer in Brazil 🔝 King of America 👑
  5. The states are really weak, in a way you can consider it as a pre-season, but the defeats of the big ones here are capable of taking down coaches, so they are forced to take it seriously, it's cool because it promotes regional rivalries but the level is really low. Sometimes a promising player appears, for example in the São Paulo championship last year in a very small team from São Paulo, Gabriel Martinelli appeared.
  6. Bruno Guimarães at Lyon for 25 million euros. ✍️
  7. I was expecting a +2 for him, but I admit I was nervous when I saw most of Villareal done and nothing for him. haha
  8. I still hope that samu chukwueze will rise at least +1.
  9. Happy new year guys, health and success !!!✌️
  10. When do you think the review will be done in Portugal?
  11. They are updating Italy, so I would say you start with following the Italian league table starting at milan 10th, as they are updating 3 teams a day and will not have time to buy them tomorrow. tomorrow should be updated Fiorentina 13th, Bologna 12th and Verona 11th.
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