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  1. Do you think that is possible a +3 for Pedri? I wouldn't be surprised.
  2. They could do like when the player retires, send the warning but make the change at the end of the season.
  3. Gio Reyna win CONCACAF league nations with USMNT, deserve +1 to 88. 🌛
  4. +1 for Botman and now +1 for Reyna 🤡 someone is neglecting their duties.
  5. Hello guys, Recce james +1 was already a sure thing, I believe that after the UCL title a +2 is perfectly possible. What do you think?
  6. No rise foi Moise Kean? 😮 And Botman 88? Seriously?
  7. River Plate won 2-1 tonight, but here is what makes the victory so incredible: - only 11 players in the squad due to a covid-19 outbreak. - 0 goalkeepers available. - played an injured Enzo Perez in net, who happens to be a midfielder. Only in the Copa Libertadores🔥
  8. They always update here once a season, this time we have already started the new season and they have not started the update.
  9. In February it was not a complete update only a few players were updated.
  10. When will the Brazilian championship be reviewed?
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