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  1. Hi,i counter 433B with 442

    i play Hard-def-dbf..tick men behind ball and tight markind..if losing at 60 mins,Hard-v-off-dbf-fast-a-over..tick conter-offside thats all.hope it helps you

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    2. Bigjum71
    3. Chris Hancock

      Chris Hancock

      Formation all set. Let' see what happens. :)

    4. Bigjum71


      ive beat 433w twice wit 352 attack on flanks,and play v.att football,mix passing,hard.fast,a.over

  2. Hi all, I am hoping someone with more tactical experience than I can help me counter my nemesis who edit this season has changed his formation and tactics to the same as mine (433b, hard tackling, attacking, direct passing, pressing all over) and he has a superior team. My squad (433b) is as follows: Gk. Courtois (93) 4: Marquinhos(92), Varane(92), Martinez(92), Marcelo(94) 3. Kroos(95) Vidal (94), Matuidi(93) 3. Isco (92) Moura (91) Messi(99)
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