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  1. World Championship 2451 need new managers. Who want to join this Game World this is the ID: Game World 12299. See you in this Game World . Thanks.
  2. i cannot cannot ENTER in soccer manager website,and today I have 3 matches and I HAVE not set the formations of my teams.I hope that today the website returns normally.
  3. gordeb


    Re: Share. And who can manage that team?
  4. gordeb


    What is Club Sharing or Sharing a Club.
  5. gordeb


    When I clicked to see the result of my team in "World Championship 2451" that my team played against my team's friend,I found that the 2 teams are managed by the computer and not by me and my friend.But in the Division table we (me and my friend) are marked as their managers.
  6. Re: Youth players. I have 3 teams in Game World,thus where can I find external teams?
  7. Re: Youth players. Which ar the external teams?
  8. How can I get youth players in my team(s)? Buying them from other teams?
  9. Re: Teams page problem. Now it's normal again.
  10. I have an "ERROR" when entering in my teams page.What is the problem ?????
  11. Re: Problem (2). I cannot check yesterday (sat.6/8/11) results. :mad:
  12. Every time that I click to enter in any of my 3 teams page,I always enter in my Real Madrid team page.
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