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  1. World Championship 2451 need new managers. Who want to join this Game World this is the ID: Game World 12299. See you in this Game World . Thanks.
  2. i cannot cannot ENTER in soccer manager website,and today I have 3 matches and I HAVE not set the formations of my teams.I hope that today the website returns normally.
  3. gordeb


    Re: Share. And who can manage that team?
  4. gordeb


    What is Club Sharing or Sharing a Club.
  5. gordeb


    When I clicked to see the result of my team in "World Championship 2451" that my team played against my team's friend,I found that the 2 teams are managed by the computer and not by me and my friend.But in the Division table we (me and my friend) are marked as their managers.
  6. Re: Youth players. I have 3 teams in Game World,thus where can I find external teams?
  7. Re: Youth players. Which ar the external teams?
  8. How can I get youth players in my team(s)? Buying them from other teams?
  9. Re: Teams page problem. Now it's normal again.
  10. I have an "ERROR" when entering in my teams page.What is the problem ?????
  11. Re: Problem (2). I cannot check yesterday (sat.6/8/11) results. :mad:
  12. Every time that I click to enter in any of my 3 teams page,I always enter in my Real Madrid team page.
  13. I have 2 friendlies and I connot cancel them.Why?
  14. Re: Log in PROBLEM 2. I clicked on the schedule to see the result of the World Championship 2451 and instead of that schedule there was the schedule of European Championship 167.This is another problem(for me).About the formation I changed some players and when I saved the formation the the players that I changed where not changed.
  15. The login problem in my World Games persist.Today I have a match and I cannot save the formation of my team(World Championship 2451).I have an excuse if I LOOSE.
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