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  1. Hi First i am albanian Yestertady was the match for Africa 2010 Qualifiers Albania vs Portugal. Albanian Fans(Tifozat Kuq e Zi) made 2 very beautiful photos and take them to the stadium. Look at the Photos First Second Hhahahahahahah
  2. Hi i have an idea ! For every turn(week) players who get high ratings at the end of the game to collect in Team of The Week. Also to announce manager of the week. What do u think ?
  3. Re: Spanish Ratings What about Pepe i think he can rise to 94 ?
  4. Re: Spanish Ratings Marcelo must change position to LM/LB And what do u think Marcelo to rise to 91 ? I have a question ? When are Spanish ratings ?
  5. Here is my opinion for Players of Barcelona GoalKeepers VICTOR VALDES, Arribas (91/91) PINTO, José Manuel (87/86) Defenders ABIDAL, Éric (Stay 94) SYLVINHO, Mendes (From 88 to 87) DANI ALVES, Silva (From94 to 95) PUYOL, Carles (Stay 96) MILITO, Gabriel (From 93 to 92) MARQUEZ, Rafael (Stay 93) CACERES, Martín (Stay 89) PIQUE, Gerard (From 88 to 90) Midfielders XAVI, Hernández (From 96 to 97) KEITA, Seydou (Stay 92) YAYA TOURE, Gnégnéri (From 92 to 91) SERGIO BUSQUETS, Burgos (From 85 to 87/88) INIESTA, Andrés (From 95 to 96) Strikers GUDJOHNSEN, Eiður (From 89 to 90) MESSI, Lionel (From 97 to 98 ) ETO'O, Samuel (From 96 to 97) HENRY, Thierry (Stay 95) BOJAN KRKIC, Pérez (Stay 89)
  6. Re: Villa & Mata..! I Think Mata will rise to 90 this time but he deserves 91. David Villa can be 96 if Eto'o rises to 97
  7. Re: Spanish Ratings I see tha u hate Real Madrid :L Your ratings are terrible
  8. Re: Pepe and Cannavaro When are next Spanish Ratings.
  9. Real Madrid Ratings GK 1.Casillas----->96/96 25.Dudek----->85/84 Defenders 2.Salgado------> 88/89 3.Pepe---------->93/94 4.Sergio Ramos-->95/95 5.Canavaro------>95/95 12.Marcelo------>90/91 22.Miguel Torres->89/89 16.Heinze------->92/93 21.Metzelder---->89/89 24.Javi García--->87/87 Midfielder 15.Drenthe----->88/88 6.Diarra-------->94/93 8.Gago--------->91/92 39.Lass-------->90/91/92 14.Guti-------->92/91/90 18.De La Red-->90/89/88 10.Sneijder---->94/94 11.Robben----->92/94/95 23.Van Der Vaart>94/93 Forwad 7.Raul---------->95/95 17.Nistelrooy--->96/95/94 20.Higuain------>90/92/93 19.Huntelaar---->92/93 All What do u think ?
  10. Hi Guyz ! Sergio RAMOS,Douglas MAICON,Daniel ALVES or Josue BOSINGWA > Wich one is the Best RB in the World ?
  11. Hi all SM When will have Kosovar League in SM. Kosovo declares independence in 17.02.2008 and is recognized by about 60 states. Why Kosovar Leagu isn't in SM ?
  12. Re: Soares JULIO CESAR Where are the next Italian Ratings ?
  13. Hy Guys. I think that Cesar is in the top-form and must rise to 95. In italy he recevied only 21 goals(The Best GK in Serie A),and he has wonderful reflexes. What do u think ?
  14. Arjen Robben Hi guyz. Arjen Robben is standart player of Real Madrid and Netherlands,he is in the top form,60 % of goals or assists in last 7 games made by him. He deserves to rise from 92 to 93 or 94. I think he will rise to 94. What do u thing ?
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