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  1. Sign Ronaldo for 59 million, he is now worth 43.9???? This game has become an absolute joke over the past year or so and I want my subscription fee back. This isn't the only player it's happened to, it's AN ABSOLUTE DISGRACE.
  2. I've played this game for 11 years mate, and I've always been able to see all my players transfer history from the first time I've signed them. All of a sudden, (after 11 years) transfer history just vanishes and players values decrease isn't a coincidence mate, SM have fiddled about in the background and long serving managers are suffering and its a disgrace. What's the point in buying players for big transfer fees and then see his value decrease, it's appalling and I won't be spending another penny on Gold memberships as the game has been rubbish for a while.
  3. It's come to my attention that over the past few months, players transfer activity has been wiped out, and I think SM have knowingly done this as it's been fine for years. In my current game world, I bought Dele Alli for 32 million, his rating hasn't change and he's still the same age, so why has his value dropped 8 million to 24 million? He isn't the only players this has happened to and when you go and check his transfer history, you can't see what you bought him for, as it's been permanently deleted. Anyone else seen this?
  4. Players I've bought in my current GW: Marques Giovanny 75 Matheus Jesus 75 Matheus Pereira 76 Soares Everton 76 - 82 Leo Duarte 77 - Santos Dodo 77 Douglas Augusto 78 Viera Clayson 78 Carvalho Leandrinho 78 Silva Walace 83 - 85 I've played SM for over 12 years, all of these players above are due an increase, it may not be a milestone change just at the minute but if you are looking to get a quick return then some of these players may be of use to you.
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