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  1. Re: EVANS or CHYGRYNSKIY? Very sorry if my words were too strong. But what about your own attitude? You were the one who called people naive first. And you were the one who thought your view was more matured and spoke as if only you had watched the games' date=' only you knew them well. From what I've seen, Puyol is fast and Chygrynskiy is not fast. That's my view. Actually many people hold the same view as I do (I also spent a lot of time on Barca fans' forums), that's why I was a bit surprised to see you were so sure that Chygrynskiy runs as fast as him. You can say this view is subject
  2. Re: EVANS or CHYGRYNSKIY? Naive? True that no single player is irreplaceable' date=' but the word here focuses on the player's importance to the team not its original meaning. I doubt you fully understand the importance of Puyol. When Xavi is praised as the "irreplaceable" player in Barca, he simply said,"I'm not irreplaceable, but Puyol is." Really? Are you joking? Are you sure you have followed Barca's match for years? Puyol is as slow as Chygrynskiy? I don't think I want to explain any more...
  3. Re: EVANS or CHYGRYNSKIY? Puyol is irreplaceable in Barca. Chygrynskiy will not replace him in foreseeable future. And Puyol+Pique is obviously better than Pique+Chygrynskiy from the games played so far.
  4. Re: EVANS or CHYGRYNSKIY? I'd also suggest you to keep Evans. Chygrynskiy's future at Barca is still not very clear. I don't think he is a suitable partner of Pique. They are both slow. Puyol will play for Barca for at least a few more years. I don't think Chygrynskiy will overtake Puyol or Pique as 2nd or even 1st choice CB any time soon. And don't forget Marquez and Milito will also compete for CB position. He's definitely a good defender, solid, skillful and has excellent long passes. But I doubt he will be world's top class defender soon. I believe Evans has better chance at Man Utd an
  5. Re: should i do this deal? Marquez is not playing up to expectation after his injury, there's high possibility that he will drop by 1. Maxwell is OK so far, but obviously Abidal is better than him and will remain as the first choice LB. So I guess Maxwell will just keep his 92 (Abidal will probably keep his 93). Evra has slight chance to rise although he'll probably stay. He's better than the two you are getting. This deal is not very good actually. Unless you have no other 92+ CB, I don't see why you should do it.
  6. Re: Spanish Ratings Very sorry for that, I had already changed it. Oh man, you replied too fast!
  7. Re: Spanish Ratings Personally I doubt Albiol has much chance to rise. A rise to 93 will put him among the best young defenders of all. I'm not saying that he's not good. His performance is excellent, but what about Pique? With his amazing form so far, Pique will at most get a +2 to 92 if SM is lenient. If Albiol does rise to 93, that means you are saying he's clearly better than Pique. I believe many people may not agree.
  8. Re: Dani Alves or Maicon Both will have no change in their ratings, almost for sure. Maicon is the better choice currently. But Alves is also very good.
  9. Re: huntlarr rossi If you're getting Rossi. Definitely do it! Huntelaar is doing terribly in a disappointing Milan. He will probably go down to 91 if he continue his goalless form as a striker. Rossi and Villareal are not doing well either. But I think his rating is safe considering his International performance. Both will have the same rating soon in my opinion. But Rossi is much younger and plays for a arguably better national team in world cup next year. Rossi definitely has more potential and it will be a good deal if you can use Huntelaar to get him.
  10. Re: ronn's La Liga, Premier League and Serie A 09/10 But he plays well, and not retiring. Like Valdez, he's another reason why Valencia and Barca ended up with a goalless draw.
  11. Re: Best players in SM? David Villa, consistently well for both my Barca and Shakhtar in the last two seasons. Average points were never below 8.20, Goal ratio was at most 1.7~1.8 and he gives most assists every season (e.g. My Barca's Villa so far has contributed 12 goals+15 assists in 15 appearances)!!! I can't believe the fact that he constantly outshone Messi and Eto'o in my Barca.
  12. Re: Abidal and Maxwell Neither of them can rise. Abidal may even drop to 92. So it's OK if you want to sell them for better players. Just go ahead. If you want to get new LB, try Chiellini, Cole, Evra and Lahm If not, play a 3-defender formation without LB.
  13. Re: ronn's La Liga, Premier League and Serie A 09/10 Where's Cesar Sanchez from Valencia? He's playing well. I think he's able to keep his rating.
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