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  1. Re: help me please it says "purchase set up"
  2. i just purchased a standard set up vias paypal for £4.99 i cannot seem to find where to create this setup, i just keep getting directed to buy another set up for £4.99 can somebody enlighten me?
  3. Re: GoodFellas Setup Transfer/Results News!!! Man UTD 11 - Ajax - 0 Man utd produced record 11 0 victory over the dutch. Sorin netted a superb 5 goals and Silva got himself a hatrick in what has to be lauded as the strongest and most convincing victory in the history of La liga de Goodfellas. O'Doherty remarked " They totally exceeded my expectiations, Sorin has forced himself into the team and Giggs has to watch and applaud, once more Forlan had a brace of goals. I have been trying to instill something into this group of players that winning isnt everything - its also how you win. I want
  4. Re: GoodFellas Setup Transfer/Results News!!! Man Utds fine form continues as they strolled to a 3 - 1 victory in the quarter finals against Hertha Berlin. "We are playing beautiful football at the moment, long may it continue. I feel that if we get a good result against bottom of the league Ajax this week then we can try and roud off the league in the top 5. I dont think we can win the league this season, our best chance of silverware is the cup, and i will be hoping for a Man U - Chelsea final, which would be a great match. If we can finish top 5, win the cup this will be a succesfull
  5. Re: Ant's European Elite INTER WIN THE LEAGUE After an amazing season, losing only 2 games inter were crowned champions to the delight of the fans.. and manager who had promised the title this season. "we thoroughly deserve the trophy, i beleive we have reached the perfect balance between youth and experience in the team. Strangely for this great italian team we have only one native - Grosso, in our squad. To my critics I defend this, i have looked for quality players who i beleive would succeed, regardless of nationailty, race, or creed. It just so happens that most of the italians who i w
  6. Re: GoodFellas Setup Transfer/Results News!!! The red devils manager was pleased after the 3 - 0 at old trafford and had alot to say. " We've done well so far, the most important thing i can take from the game is the clean sheet. Thats what we will focus on this year, if we can keep clean sheets and not conceed then the rest will come." He also appears to be in the market for an AM, "I'd like to bring in an attacking midfielder to offer some competition for scholsey and give him some time off, this is only healthy in a big club like ours. " He also explained that he WOULD consider letting c
  7. Re: Ant's European Elite Inter manager remarked yesterday "everything is going to plan, inter will win the title this season. I will not lose a single game in the league."
  8. Re: GoodFellas Setup Transfer/Results News!!! Early season observations. Okay so with most transfers out of the way and the first game under their belts the action is just getting going in this new setup. Chelsea have dominated the transfer market signing many big names, adding to their allready world class side; Baldo was heard in a press conference "my team is almost perfect, I would have liked to manage Ronaldo, but the Man U manager perhaps wisely didnt let me get my mitts on him. But to secure Totti was a dream come true. I have Ballack and Aimar and they do not even make the starting
  9. Re: Ant's European Elite Inter fielded their "B" team for this fixture, preferring to focus on the league this season. Credit to seviille though, as inters B team still had them outmatchedd.
  10. Re: Ciso's League Match Reports 4 - 1 4- 1 booyah
  11. Re: Ciso's League Match Reports LOL divison 2 match predictions .......... This setup has gone down hill
  13. Re: Ciso's League Match Reports OK OK lets get some predictions from someone whoe doesnt predict wrong scores week in week out. Chelsea - Liverpool - Easy win for chelsea, i can see a drubbing here. 2 - 0 or 3 - 0. But dont be surprised if a few more fly in from the boys in blue. They will be out to show they still have what it takes after a draw with real. Tottenham Hotspur - Real Madrid - Spurs manager has done great things since taking over the yids. He has brought in real quality and depth, establishing them in the top flight will come in his stride and i predict a sound win for an em
  14. Re: Ant's European Elite ive lost only 2 games all season. and i have the best goal difference in the league. inter are the campines. i predict a 8 - 0 win at the nou camp
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