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  1. Matches exactly with my scouting list except two. Thanks a lot mate. What's your opinion or which player should be bought on priority? McNeil vs Bowen vs Harry WIlson? TIA :)
  2. So, I guess, we can expect both of them to play at ''mid table PL club'' next season. Thanks a lot. Any young player with good potential in 70-80s rating with nationalities of N.Ireland / Scotland / Wales ??
  3. Hi, I'm building a British squad and need some info on couple of players : What's your opinion on Connor Roberts - Wales international - Swansea - RB? McKenna - Wales International - Celtic - CB?
  4. Hi, I understood all except few - What's MP WS column, League Position column and the last one without heading (which starts with 80,77,..) And where can I find rating predictions?
  5. Is this all your PRIZE and NON-PRIZE WORLDS? Is it updated?
  6. Hi @ADEXYNA I've used your tactics a year ago and somehow down the line, I changed my tactics differently and forgot about yours. So, does your 4-2-3-1B tactics in the first page still works? Also, I've been trying tactics and instructions from "Guide for newcomers" thread. But it was posted in 2008 (11 years ago). Can you tell me does it work anymore? Next doubt is, many are saying SM is nearing its end and blah blah blah. So, even now, does tactics and instructions help "small clubs" to cause upset to "big ones" or it's bigger ones continue winning?
  7. Yeah, we need a quality, strong CB and a proper right winger and we realised this 2 seasons ago. But we keep signing left wingers. We lost Herrera while Pogba and Kaku are on the way out. Now, tour recruitment board is after Longstaff. If Kaku leaves and if Rash is our prime #9, I don't think we'll improve from our 6th place finish. They are not even trying to sign replacements. Why do you invest in youth for the future when your current first team is in shambles? What is wrong with Ed? Or maybe, pundits are right. A football club should be run by a footballer than a investment banker.
  8. You forgot another one, buddy - Joao Felix - craziest transfer so far. Hope he justifies the money spent. With Ndombele and few more additions, I guess this season will be a good season for Spurs and maybe a trophy at last. And Rodri - he might be a nightmare for most of the teams next season and as the media portray, he will become the rightful heir to Sergio Busquets for Spain NT.
  9. Just a common question for Portugal football league followers. Why is Joao Felix is valued this high? 130M for one good season? Does he really worth it or just another media hype? What does Simeone see in him?
  10. Yeah, why not. He'll be improving alot as he get to play / train alongside Buffon, Bonucci, Chiellni. However, I don't see De Ligt staying in Italy for long. Juve is just another stop in his journey to the top.
  11. I'm not rating them up but will give my opinion. I'd sell Neves, Ruiz /Aouar because, comparatively they are not in top clubs. Ndombele will be a starter at Spurs while De Jong and Arthur expected to partner at Camp Nou. Rodri will eventually end up at City - straight to starting XI while Havertz has big potential. If you can, hold on to all of them until transfer window ends
  12. Hello guys, which league will be reviewed after "Big 5"?
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