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  1. Re: Multiple Accounts Personally, I thoguht that starting an extra account to manage more clubs would defy the purpose of SM's Gold Membership Could anyone confirm the rules regarding this?
  2. Am I allowed to start multiple accounts with the intention of managing more clubs in different gameworlds?
  3. Re: EPL Players Shock We need justice for Joe Hart!
  4. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions 2011/2012 Oh no. This should have happened no doubt
  5. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions 2011/2012 Come on Joe Hart, I need you to get up to 92!
  6. Re: Bruno Uvini, the Neymar of defenders Insider please help us with our Brazilian player related woes!
  7. Re: which team is better ? It's so difficult to choose But I prefer the Juve one because the Man U is missing a spare RB, so it's less 'complete'
  8. Re: Ozil for pedro Personally, I would go for Ozil because SM favour big-name players (Ribery anyone?) and is almost the same as Pedro in terms of his contribution and importance to their respective clubs who are both performing well.
  9. Re: Aleksandar Kolarov - more rises? Definitely, being only rated 89 and playing for a member of the new 'Big 4'. If he continues to play, then there is no question that he will rise.
  10. Re: The best 3 Piatti, Griezmann, Van Wolfswinkel
  11. Re: releasing retired player and under 1 million Are you the real Balotelli?
  12. Re: External transfer offers External clubs really should be a last resort when it comes to selling players. If a external club is more generous to you than another manager in the setup, then you are gaining an unfair advantage. Your progress in the game is determined by buying risers and being able to negotiate good deals with your fellow managers and shouldn't be by the luck of meeting a generous AI.
  13. Re: Chairman intervention Are the two players that you are exchanging two of the best players in your squad? If so, the Chairman may feel that losing two key members of his club not something that he would be particularly happy about - even if you think otherwise. I think it would also be difficult for SM to make the Chairman so detailed as there are a huge number of setups and the 'one size fits all' option is necessary,
  14. Re: Stadium Expansion Thanks for that Danny, I knew I'd seen it somewhere
  15. Correct me if I'm wrong but I do remember reading an article that stated if a team performed well, it's stadium capacity would be increased to accomodate its quality. Well, I manage Lyon in World Championship 1551 and have completed 8 seasons. I have won the League once, finished as Runners-Up in the four previous consecutive seasons, won the Cup, runners-up in the shield and have participated in the 2 Charity Shields (since they were implemented into the game) and won one of them. My squad has the highest total value in the setup and the joint highest average rating. So, I would definitely
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