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  1. Re: Offical Aston Villa Thread ! * no spoilers * If Man City buy Young whats gonna happen ? With Robinho, Cruz, Tevez, Adebayor (Possible), Young, Barry, Ireland, SWP, De Jong in Midfield and attack it seems strange but then again Cruz on the bench isnt as bad as Man Utd having Tevez on the bench. But im not to bothered I like a change.
  2. Re: The best sale you've ever done I meant buying him off a managed club
  3. Re: The best sale you've ever done messi for chairman value. best deal you can get.
  4. Re: All time top EPL goal I loved that one, absolute great.
  5. Re: Offer for Xavi No way in hell does Arshavin deserve or look like he has the potential yet to get 96 let alone 97.
  6. Re: Overall XL? Casillas Maicon - Terry - Vidic - Lahm Senna Xavi Messi - - - - - - - - - - Ronaldo Villa - Torres Bench: Julio Cesar - Ferdinand - Puyol - Ribery - Rooney - Iniesta This team I would love to have. Its a mixture of who I like to watch and really good players. My second team would consist of the players on the bench and Evra, D.Alves, Fabregas, Kaka and Aguero.
  7. Re: Tommy Oar ahahaha... no you are not funny. Anyway yeah he looks quite promising.
  8. Re: Lyon Accept Benzema Bid I believe especially if Ribery and/or Villa comes in which looks unlikely that too many ego's will collide and that they wont do well because they will all try to out do myself. But thats just my opinion, I just think that they won't do well.
  9. Re: Australia soar to 16th in the world rankings TBH, I dont see that much more quality if any in Australia than there is in the Republic of Ireland team and they're in the 40's. FIFA rankings right now are nowhere near the point of being close.
  10. Re: Who Will Rise/Drop Discussion Thread Sorry but I dont agree with the person who said Deco 92 -> 89, I think 90 is what he'll drop to I dont think a -3 drop is right really.
  11. Re: Amazing Youth Squad... No still dont work, go to profile then go and click on 'View Squad, History & Honours' name and then you have it.
  12. Re: the worlds best striker I would say Villa personally, but people have different opinions. I cannot stand Ibrahimovic I would never buy him, he's just too arrogant and lazy for my liking. And I dont think Diego Forlan isnt with the likes of the ones above but that may be because he didnt impress me while in England that much.
  13. Re: Players to watch in u.21 euro championship!! Yeah but look at the confederations cup even though quite a diference you never know.
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