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  1. Re: FIFA rules on playing for 2 countries? It is pretty confusing, and I too had believed that a player could represent one country at U21 level & choose to play for another nation at international level (a la Kanoute)... until today. Borussia Dortmund's 19-year-old defender Neven Subotic has been told by FIFA that he cannot represent Germany at senior level because he has played for the USA's U-21 team. He is free, however, to choose between the USA (where he was born) & Serbia (his country of origin) at international level. Does the 2 cases not seem contradictory?
  2. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Thank you, Ken & CFR. I can get Axel Witsel for 1m plus Damian Escudero. Should I do this deal?
  3. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Which of these RMs would be the better signing? Mehmet Topuz (25) (Kayserispor) Valdo (27) (Espanyol) Marat Izmailov (26) (Sporting Lisbon) [heard he's likely to increase to 89] And can Valdo reach 90 in this ratings?
  4. Re: The Time Has Come I may have only officially joined today, but I'm pretty familiar with your scouting work, Tom. Your rating threads, in particular, were of great help to me. Know you well I might have not, but miss you a lot I certainly will. Thank you for everything. Goodbye, and good luck in life!
  5. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep? Will Yohan Cabaye increase in rating? Important player for Lille alongside the above-mentioned Mavuba in central midfield & a regular for the France U21s, but then, still no national team call-up, I guess.
  6. Re: Spanish Ratings Does anyone know whether Jose Nunes of Mallorca will keep his rating?
  7. Barracuda

    Book club....

    Re: Book club.... Yeah, I've read it. But it wasn't as good as I'd expected. I liked it till the part where the protagonist returns to Afghanistan in order to save Hassan's son; everything thereon was too 'filmi' for my liking. But yes, Hassan's letter made me cry, and not many books can claim to do that. Hosseini's prose is exquisite and beautifully descriptive; the fact that he uses a first-person narrative makes it a lot more effective, as though the reader was inside his head, looking through his eyes, feelings the things the protagonist feels...
  8. Re: Can I use a Right Foot Wing to Play Left side??? Sure, a winger can play equally well on both flanks irrespective of his favoured foot. My right-footed winger Gerald Asamoah had 4 goals & 4 assists in his first 7 games, playing on the left flank.
  9. Re: Eduardo Salvio Got him today. Wikipedia says Arsenal are watching him (which Arsenal?) .
  10. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep? Toni, probably; Kuranyi's antics have compelled Germany coach Joachim Loew to declare that he will never play for the national team while Loew is in charge. Toni continues to be Italy's frontman, however, so he's the better signing, IMO.
  11. Hi, people, this is my maiden post on this forums - though I've browsed through the site for a fair few weeks, it's only now that I've registered. I prefer to deal with external clubs only, because I can then get players at prices much lower than what the managed clubs would demand, were I to ask them. And since they have hogged most of the better players, there is a genuine dearth of quality available for the likes of me, who operate on tight budgets. I need a centre-back who can rise to 90 in the near future, and these are my options : Shirokov Krizanac Haggui Diakhate I already have
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