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  1. sorry for second post in quick succession but what do you think of pellegrini in next review? 87?
  2. Do you guys reckon Gnagnon is a better shout than kutepov? Also which order would you place Havertz, Tom Davies, nkunku and under? Thanks guys
  3. Before I pull the trigger on this pulisic deal can I assume he is a bigger talent than locatelli? Cheers
  4. So I've got an offer of 10 million for thiago maia. If I sell I could bring in a combination of: Pellegrini 4 Mil Tom davies 1.6 Mil Kai havert 1.8 Mil Landry dimata 700k Malang sarr 2.8 Mil Pulisic 7 Mil Which combination do you think is best or should I not be selling at all?
  5. Do you think Christian eriksen has a chance of 93 in the summer?
  6. Hi guys. What chance do you think pjanic has of hitting 94 in his next review or maybe the one after that? The same question applies to ter stegan and coutinho in getting a +1 Cheers guys
  7. What do you guts think pellegrini will rise too in the next review? Is he the same type of talent as locatelli, gagliardini?
  8. Cheers for the advice. Only 14 Mil so might pick him up
  9. I'm after a right back with potential and rising sooner rather than later. Who do you think out of these guys is the best bet? Djibril Cisse Felipe Anderson (for as long as he keeps that position) Kyle Walker Meunier Cancelo Thanks for any help given fellas
  10. I had no idea who that was so I just looked him up. Wow! what a horrendous crime. The club he signed for definitely wanted that fame associated with the murderer goalkeeper.
  11. I have noticed Aurier didn't start in Spain the other night, and so did a google search and saw that he has been having issues with the law, as well as showing a bad attitude at PSG. Time to cut my losses? I play him at centre back so would Koulibaly or Manolas have a better chance of hitting 92 before aurier? He has looked fantastic whenever I have watched him Cheers.
  12. Watching the city monaco game, lemar seems to be a real talent. Is there a reason he isn't getting the same amount of buzz that bakayoko, mendy get?
  13. Any chance of a rise for Szczesny? Really need a good keeper
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