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  1. So I've got an offer of 10 million for thiago maia. If I sell I could bring in a combination of:

    Pellegrini 4 Mil

    Tom davies 1.6 Mil

    Kai havert 1.8 Mil

    Landry dimata 700k 

    Malang sarr 2.8 Mil

    Pulisic 7 Mil

    Which combination do you think is best or should I not be selling at all? 

  2. I have noticed Aurier didn't start in Spain the other night, and so did a google search and saw that he has been having issues with the law, as well as showing a bad attitude at PSG. Time to cut my losses? I play him at centre back so would Koulibaly or Manolas have a better chance of hitting 92 before aurier? He has looked fantastic whenever I have watched him



  3. 2 hours ago, arsenalrocs said:

    Conti, Spinazzola, Krunic, Harit, Golovin

    Davidson Sanchez, Semedo, Sinkgraven, Remo Freuler, Linetty, Ramselaar

    Thankyou! I'm going to go with freuler and do you think between krunic or spinazzola? 

    Cheers :))

  4. Hmm okay, that puts me in awkward spot. Are there any better options for 82 to 85 and 85 to 87 in those positions? 



    Not quite sure why I'm constantly quoting arsenalrocs lol

    On 12/02/2017 at 4:01 PM, arsenalrocs said:


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