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  1. What do you guys think of junior bernado of Leipzig? Riser? Good potential?
  2. Hi guys, I have Tche Tche and Alexis Blin but feel like I would be better off flogging one and getting Gagliardini in. Do Tche Tche and Blin have much chance of rising next time round? And considering Tche has already got his rise, is he likely to rise when the Brazillian league is done soon? Cheers
  3. What do you think Fernando Yago and Stephens will rise too in their next review? Im struggling to decide which one to sign.
  4. What was thiago Maia's prediction? Cheers guys
  5. Guys this is my shortlist. Am I guaranteed risers out of them? I will only list ones I am unsure over not the obvious ones like cecchini. Marius Muller Emerson Santos Everton Felipe Facundo Mallo edit: I know Muller has recently been reviewed but is he on for another rise at the end of the season?
  6. Do you think Bernd Leno will keep his rating for a long time?
  7. hi guys what are you making of these players; Everton Felipe Facundo Mallo Jesper Karlsson Alexis Martin Santos Rodrigao Thanks :D:
  8. any other big risers anticipated in the next few days? Im not up to date on these guys as I was expecting a lot of prize money to be awarded...alas I was given 2 million so I am out collecting talent again aha
  9. What do we think for Patricio guys? Any chance of a rise?
  10. Can I be expecting rises from the following players guys... Didillon Semedo Grimaldo Ben Gibson Linetty Geudes I know some have recently been reviewed. Thanks
  11. I should have gone with my gut over carvajal. So that's it. When do the next round of these reviews come around? May?
  12. Also savic. If gimenez gets a +1 then savic needs a +1 too as he has the centre back position alongside Godin.
  13. Will this be reviewed after Spain guys? Jota still on for 85? Was hoping for more now that he starts often .
  14. I take it liverpool hasn't been completed yet? No rise for Stewart, Lallana etc.
  15. When you say probably +1 do you mean +1 but possibly no rise or +1 but possibly +2 ??
  16. Sigh. I really should follow my own intuition with eriksen and Alli.
  17. Rahul are you still sure of rises for rafinha, Jose, Cabral, Sansone and Sarabia? Thankyou ?
  18. Got 10 million to spend on a couple of players guys. I want ones who are going to be reviewed soon and around the 86/87 area. Freed up some cash by selling lemina! Any suggestions?
  19. Considering the rise the portugese NT got in these reviews, don't you think it's likely andre gomes gets a rise?
  20. Was anyone surprised by payets rise? I don't doubt he is a player of 92 quality. But has he performed well enough this season? I guess it was France doing well in the euros
  21. Did Antonio of West Ham not get a rise? Very good player, scores goals and got an england call up
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