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  1. Hi guys, 

    I have Tche Tche and Alexis Blin but feel like I would be better off flogging one and getting Gagliardini in. 

    Do Tche Tche and Blin have much chance of rising next time round? And considering Tche has already got his rise, is he likely to rise when the Brazillian league is done soon?


    Cheers :D

  2. Guys this is my shortlist. Am I guaranteed risers out of them? I will only list ones I am unsure over not the obvious ones like cecchini. 


    Marius Muller
    Emerson Santos
    Everton Felipe
    Facundo Mallo

    edit: I know Muller has recently been reviewed but is he on for another rise at the end of the season?

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