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  1. what do you think guys. I could pick Sule up for 10 million or Lindelof up for 8 million. I know Sule will be rising soon. When will the portugese ratings be by guestimate?
  2. what an absolute catastrophe of a ratings update for myself. Koulibaly and Mario both hit 91 after I flogged them days before. If i could swear without getting an infraction I would.
  3. Considering what we have seen so far guys what are you expecting from romagnoli?
  4. Sigh... I'd gotten rid of Mario. Not good.
  5. Ive put a couple of bids in for Hysaj and Bernadeschi. What chance have these guys got of hitting 89/90?
  6. Are Lichtensteiner and Mandzukic safe fellas?
  7. Are there any defenders predicted to go up from the 90/91 range? Looking for a Koulibaly replacement Cheers
  8. Did I see somewhere that Dybala wasn't predicted to rise?
  9. I think i'm going to gamble with Savic and Saul. For me, Atletico is one of the elite clubs in europe and for regular starters and consistent performers (supposedly, i don't watch them) I think a +1 is more than deserved. Are the ratings set for anytime in December?
  10. Do you think Christian Eriksen, florenzi, and juan bernat and harry kane have a chance to rise?
  11. Can you link me up Rahul? I can't seem to find it on search.
  12. Hi guys. Sorry for posting over all league predictions! Can I expect any risers from geronimo Rulli, Carlos Casemiro, Andre Gomes, and Carrasco?
  13. Can I expect any rises from Joao Mario and Koulibaly? Many thanks
  14. Raphael Guerreiro? I know he isnt massively first team at the moment but surely the euros win counts for something?
  15. Am I correct in thinking Savic will get a +1? Surely deserves it now he is holding down a regular position for Atletico.
  16. What are we thinking to Marcus Edwards guys? He is currently only 70 and although not playing regularly for Spurs has played a few games and looks like a big talent.
  17. damn. I thought Jota was playing a lot for Porto and had scored some goals? I was hoping more for an 86/87. 85 seems low for a porto starter? Having said that I don't watch the porto games so im open to being wrong
  18. hey guys, opinions on; Levin Oztunali Siqueira Jailson Diogo Jota Thanks guys
  19. Hi guys so I am managing in a world where you can only buy players 25 and under and 85 and under . I have enough money to buy alex iwobi or 3 players (Phillip, Blin, Kevin Stewart). What would be the best cause of action? iwobi looks excellent but I am aware the other 3 should get rises too. Cheers , Adam
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