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  1. 408795 English Cship - Just started NOW!! 408795 English Cship - Just started NOW!! 408795 English Cship - Just started NOW!!
  2. Wel..I was thinking right now about this. The price for taking a club before the GW open is 4.99€. A new custom GameWorld is 12.99€ If their price were like 1€ and 5€ well..I would consider buying them, but paying 5€ for a club in a GW that has not started yet and furthermore that you dont know how much activity it will has..I dont see it worth.
  3. Hello, I'm looking for some CenterBacks that are young and who could raise this season, but I dont know anyone right now! Could you help me?
  4. New European Game World ID 406778 Just Juventus taken
  5. Solo tiene funcion organizativa
  6. Would you exchange Sane x Mbappe? I'm on a new English GW and I got M.City, so I can exchange these players. Or maybe I can exchange someone other rather than Sane, like Sterling or Jesus, I dont know
  7. Ikr, I just tried to find that gw via ID and then by the name, but no way to find it Anyways I'm going to pick up one team on the incoming English GW tonight, created by SM
  8. No, its not a 4 players deal, its just Ederson + Stones or Laporte or Otamendi. Last 3 switchable
  9. Ederson+Stones/Laporte/Otamendi+5m or Neuer?
  10. Should I exchange Thiago x Dybala? I own Thiago
  11. Both of them got open right now, I wait you there!
  12. I have Bale, they're offering me 13m+Lukaku. Should I accept? Really like Lukako but.. Or Lukaku+Rashford counteroffer?
  13. CB: Gimenez, Pavard and I dont know about others, but I'm trying to buy/keep De Ligt always I can on my leagues. CM: No idea LW: Bailey and Guedes, Guedes did a good performance on Valencia this season, for real, he's one of the reasons Valencia is top 4 again. RW: Malcolm and Chiesa. Soler did not much relevant at Valencia. Trent ALEXANDER-ARNOLD Age: 19 Rate: 87 from Liverpool
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