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    Zhares35 reacted to TMCosta in Help With Deal(s) Thread...   
    try the duo
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    Zhares35 got a reaction from sharkdan in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    I really like Partey, and now that Gabi left the team he should even be more important than before despite of Rodri's signing. Dont know about others.
    Maybe both at the same level, depends on your thoughts. 
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    Zhares35 reacted to Lowco in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    Hateboer, Zubeldia, Mavropanos, Eboa Eboa, Gelin
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    Zhares35 reacted to Soccahappy in Worldwide Risers   
    SM are Random with risers, but the Big European Leagues mid season review are usually started in December if it helps Zhares35
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    Zhares35 reacted to nmathew1 in loan system improvement   
    the way to loan players out on this game is ridiculous and time consuming, there should be a easier way to list a number of players for loan. Clicking on each player and listing them for loan is not efficient when you want to list like 10 players  
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    Zhares35 got a reaction from stevedxx in Help With Deal(s) Thread...   
    It was rumoured that Iñigo was going to be singed by Barcelona  if i'm not wrong, also was called for the national team, thats only what I know about him, and not expecting a rise right now.
    Marcos Alonso in my opinion is a player that deserves a rise, maybe 91 by the end of the season, havent seen him playing neither but he's being popular right now here in Spain due to his performance and goals.
    Alcacer had not a place in the team at all the last season, maybe this one with the leave of Neymar he's more relevant and plays a bit more, depends on how Deulofeu does. Aswell the injury of Suarez will make him play a lot (during the time he's injuried) and maybe that makes Valverde to be more confident with him. But I would try to get another striker rather than him, right now I dont know who but..
    And about Vazquez he permorfed really well last season when he played, but maybe he just keeps 90 by the moment as he's going to be on the bench most of the matches.
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    Zhares35 reacted to Kev in Really tired of these guys   
    Jeez... f***ing joke.
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    Zhares35 reacted to smut in Really tired of these guys   
    sm have just started to take this problem more seriously.
    you should find that you will be able to report up to 9 accounts but most importantly they are looking at all reported deals personally which is why some accounts are getting banned.
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    Zhares35 reacted to Kev in Really tired of these guys   
    Open the Game World and click on the big box near the top which says "Manager List" - then scroll to the bottom and on the bottom left it says "Multiple Accounts". You should be able to report it there.
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