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  1. Nice article on the wages. Good way to expand it would be wages +/- net transfer spend...(If somebody has the time or inclination).
  2. Hot thread in the title. No posts for over a month. SCORCHING!!!!!!!
  3. Yeah, I had no post history in my profile yesterday, nor was it on the page. Now at least my history has come back - so I can access that way. Bizarre stuff.
  4. Jumped from Bristol Rovers. My strategy of buying under valued older experienced guys and on-selling at a profit got shot down half way through. I could have dug in - the squad is decent IMO, and there is a few (handful) million in the bank -but I just didn't have the heart for it anymore. Took the plunge to Barnsley. Lower squad value, lower wages, and a debt..... upside - bigger stadium, bigger crowds. I haven't got a promotion yet, but with both Dagenham & Redbridge and Bristol Rovers they're in a better spot than when I joined (Rovers were stone motherless last with an awful squad and no money). I'm the lower division Tony Pulis or Sam Allardyce!
  5. Well, this season has ended up terrible for Bristol Rovers and me. Left Dagenham and Redbridge for a side in last place - bottom of the whole competition, but who I thought had a bit more potential. Climbed up the ladder and got within a few points of my old side, but then Rovers fell away badly, we've had a real loss of form, while the new Daggers manager has done a great job and could make the playoffs if things go right this week for them.
  6. Crept up to 12th now with Bristol Rovers after being stone motherless last when I took them over. Have a tiny amount of cash that I'm going to have to keep increasing with sales, as I'm struggling to cover costs. Player wages of 480,735 right now, so will need to prune that a little bit. Some guys have been brought in purely to resell on ASAP though.
  7. Better, worse or just as expected? Better now. Left Dagenham to take up Bristol Rivers. Was doing OK with them, had them mid table last year and was building the squad. Bristol were rock bottom when I took over. Now up to 12th and starting to get a half decent squad together, and trying to get some cash too, there wasn't a lot to play with when I took over. Most memorable event so far this season? Winning my first game with Bristol, or squeaking a win over Dagenham, my old side. The Hahaha moment of the season? Hard to laugh at anyone when I was rock bottom for so long....
  8. Got one over my old team last night. Bristol Rovers 3 - 2 Dagenham and Redbridge. Had more possession, shots and shots on target. Only had 4 shots on target against, for 2 goals. Looks like having my keeper as my highest rated and most expensive player in terms of wages may not be the best idea.
  9. I'll drop in now and again to keep the thread going if need be. Since resigning from Dagenham and Redbridge, I've been rebuilding Bristol Rovers. Part of my master plan to move up the league, Rovers had a bigger stadium so the potential of more income was enough. (My long term goals to manage are: Liverpool, Oldham, Huddersfield. I might have to go through a few other clubs before I get there. ). I was marooned at the bottom on 1 point for a while, but a few good results have me now in the heady heights of 18th, 7 points away from the wooden spoon. But also 7 points away from playoffs in an incredibly tight division. 22 players out, 9 in. I'll be keeping my eyes open for any opportunities to move on up to bigger and better things. No attachment to these teams yet - though I have to sayI was watching the new Daggers manager selling 'my' players thinking "oh, don't sell that guy!" - even though I bought most of them to make a profit!
  10. Still bottom of the 4th with Bristol Rovers. Bit slower than I thought after moving from Dagenham and Redbridge to kick on, but I hope eventually the bigger ground will lead to having a little bit more cash to play with. D&R were in decent shape when I left, should be a bit of cash there now, I had picked up a few bargains for them that had good resale. With 4 points from my first 5 games I'm going to have to get a move on.. Luckily there's no relegation to non-league status.
  11. . Arm out the car window, signing Rio, Defoe and Crouchy on deadline day. Done deal.
  12. Forgot all about the start of the season and left in my 3-3-4 formation with the kids from the friendlies. Got pumped 3-0 by Villa. Cash (and squad numbers) are scarce at Liverpool, so some 'Arry Redknapp wheeling and dealing might have to come into play.
  13. How in the hell were you in the relegation zone with that side in the first place? More like Carver than Pulis I reckon...
  14. Re: English Championship 32078 Discussion Thread Huddersfields Transfer In's and Out's: In: JOHNSON, Andy (free) GARCÍA, Borja VAN AKEN, Joost (out: J.LYNCH + Cash) MARRONE, Luca (out: M.WALLACE + Cash) RAMÍREZ, Sandro (out: I.MILLER + Cash) YOEL, Rodríguez (out:A.SMITHIES + Cash) CRÉPEAU, Maxime Outs: Majewski (loan) returned to Forest as requested.
  15. Re: English Championship 32078 Discussion Thread I'm in at Huddersfield. Pretty ordinary side, and one of the favourites for the drop I would have thought. I'll have a look over the next couple of days then start shipping out the deadwood.
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