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  1. Re: Lukaku vs sharaawy I think that is too much for him Lukaku is likely to go on loan next season to a better club then WBA so I would expect him to hit 90. After that he should/could be a starter for Chelsea (obviously this is future looking stuff and hard to be nailed on) Lukaku could easily hit 91/92 and beyond but not for 3/4/5 seasons
  2. Re: RVP to 96 Why cant RVP rise to 96? Age is no longer a factor (look at Pirlo for example) and RVP has been one of the best strikers in the world - I expect him to rise to 96 should his current form continue
  3. Re: Riferimento: |Kunasher's Avatars and Signatures| Hope noboody minds but I gave this a go' date=' havent done a sig in over two years now!!! [img']http://i46.tinypic.com/xqlu1t.png[/img]
  4. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Most likely to rise? - I can get one of these so who is the best buy? Di Maria - 93 Muller - 93 Marcelo - 93 Kroos - 92 Reus - 92 Thanks
  5. Re: In-Game Player Pictures (Request Thread) Is it just me who cannot upload anything? Pict uploads fine but the crop option isn't there and doesn't allow you to continue. Haven't seen the number change from zero in a few days so can't just be me
  6. Re: In-Game Player Pictures (Request Thread) 98 pictures - and I have now voted on them all (aside from my ones)
  7. Re: In-Game Player Pictures (Request Thread) I am back on this now after a while away uploaded some today
  8. Re: Amazing squads!? I have a Real and a Barca team with 80% of the top players in, but you cannot beat the satisfaction of building a quality squad with a lower side. My current favourite is Eng Champ Millwall side http://i49.tinypic.com/bdwn41.png I have a good few youngster like Sterling, Tello, Muniesa, Iturbe too
  9. Re: Buy, Sell or Keep Thread? I have a bit of a GK dilemma at the moment - not a lack of them but too many. Competitive Eng GW managing Millwall Valdes (93) Hart (92) De Gea (90) Ter Stegen (89) I always seem to have 2/3 of them unhappy and should get rid of one I guess and keep Ter Stegen in my youth setup but I just cannot decide
  10. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Few pages back now but thank you for all your help - I was siding with Debuchy or Piszcey but I could decide - Lukasz it is - he RB/RM will be hand for my side also
  11. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Right chaps I have my choice out of the following for a RB:. DEBUCHY - 90 PISZCZEK -90 LICHTSTEINER - 90 ANSALDI -90 Who do you feel is more likely to rise - obviously based on last season/the euros if applicable
  12. Re: In-Game Player Pictures (Request Thread) Should be back up and running soon
  13. Re: In-Game Player Pictures (Request Thread) Ah, in that case it will be that the feature has been disabled globally - must be due to some changes taking place so should be back soon
  14. Re: In-Game Player Pictures (Request Thread) I seem to have lost the ability to upload images
  15. Re: In-Game Player Pictures (Request Thread) Top work mate, I have been in the admin section approving them
  16. Re: In-Game Player Pictures (Request Thread) Report the image mate, I have so you and one other and I can remove the streched out one Also good work to whoever is updating all or Norwich atm
  17. Re: In-Game Player Pictures (Request Thread) Nice to have another person on board regarding Mertesacker the image was again reported so I have uploaded this now
  18. Re: In-Game Player Pictures (Request Thread) I did that original image as he moved to Liverpool, could only find rubbish newcastle ones so re-coloured the top red looks much better now. Cesc, Bale and Nani all had been reported, Cesc and Nani were ok but I did two better ones and Bales for some reason was from about 4 years ago so updated this too
  19. Re: In-Game Player Pictures (Request Thread) http://www.soccerway.com/players/clemens-walch/35814/ Used this picture, hope that is ok
  20. Re: lamela +2M = smalling? I doubt the other manager will accept this, Smalling has all the attributes to take Ferdinands place at United so I would expect him to be a mid range 90 (92/93/94) defender at his peak but most other managers already know this so wont let him go lightly
  21. Re: In-Game Player Pictures (Request Thread) Nice work mate, had reported this myself the once
  22. Re: In-Game Player Pictures (Request Thread) Nice work, I changed Davide Di Gennero's today and noticed that El Shaarawi's needs doing badly but I cant upload atm -
  23. Re: In-Game Player Pictures (Request Thread) I have seen a handful of these type of uploads recently, may have been the same person but I also punished so they will stop. I have to say since some of us have been added the picture situation has got much much better
  24. Re: In-Game Player Pictures (Request Thread) Added the image today so that will appear soon Aguero's has gone again but a good Argentina one has been uploaded so that will be on soon too
  25. Re: ashley cole sell? I would think about selling him as you already have Evra but I think considering his rating and position you can get more then what has been offered. Do you need any other cover in midfields or up front as I would try to get a decent player there and settle with Evra and Schmel at LB
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