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  1. I’m fed up with people signing players from ‘friends’ and dung really dodgy deals that get accepted and never reversed even after many others have reported! whats the point in reporting if nothing gets done?
  2. I have the same problem with world championship 7260 our 'new season' was 16th january and we're still waiting!!!
  3. What is happening in 34752 as the old season hasn't ended yet but the new season is meant to kick off tomorrow??
  4. So in last couple of seasons that has seen De Gea boost that is ok as he plays fur MU? MU haven't been brilliant last 2 seasons and again have failed to qualify for CL, I think that De Gea and Lloris should be on same ratings at least!
  5. Can you really say De Gea & Courtois are consistently better than him? I can't I'm afraid!
  6. How can SMFA justify Hugo Lloris continued rating of 92? He has been one of the most consistent keepers in the Premiership and inexplicably his rating has never changed in his England time!!!
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