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  1. Thanks man. Yeah, life has been a bitch queen from hell, but things are improving now. 😊
  2. Will Dani Alves stay or drop due to his injury?
  3. Some of you guys could start an argument in an empty room! 😊 The meaning of a selling club is that they buy or bring through their own youngsters, sell them on at a huge profit and then reinvest only a portion of that money on new signings. Southampton are the perfect example in the Premier League in recent years. As Chelsea have not only recouped a lot of money, but also spent a fortune they obviously don't fit the criteria.
  4. Sure, Flores may well get a rise as Denmark is due an update. I can't see them bothering with Peru itself though as there are so many South American leagues overdue a review.
  5. I won't be holding my breath waiting for them to update Peru. Poland should be updated soon however, and Kurzawa should get a +4/+5 I would have thought.
  6. Andreas Linde deserves to rise from 78 to 82 which would quadruple his value.
  7. I doubt it. He just did. I explained this earlier in the thread. Multiple personal dramas and disasters mean that I don't have time to do Spain right now. Maybe I will do it at some point, but SM is the least of my concerns at the moment..
  8. No. A random +1 as happens with many players.
  9. No, that's not what I said. I explained my meaning in the previous post.
  10. That's not what the reviews are about though is it.
  11. A rise wouldn't be undeserved, but we all know how much SM hate those rated 30+...
  12. It doesn't really work like that though does it. For example, if SM felt one player were worth 91.6 and another player were worth 92.4, then they would both be given 92. That doesn't mean that they have both performed equally well though. That's why predicting rises is not an exact science. I think we could all give examples of players who have the same ratings, but who are clearly of different abilities.
  13. Pretty decent as the reviews were fairly generous today.
  14. That all depends on which other keepers are available in your gameworld doesn't it. No point in selling him if you can't replace him.
  15. Scotland should be reviewed over the summer. As the other teams in that league are considered to be roughly League One standard, I wouldn't expect Sinclair to rise to 88 but stranger things have happened.
  16. I was referring to the rises given last year. No point in doing the predictions yet as they won't be updated until next season. Of the promoted sides though, Giovanni de Lorenzo certainly deserves a plus 4 or 5. Bennacer should get a solid rise too.
  17. I was referring to the review of all of the players back in the autumn. Not just a select few. My opinion is that the Championship is the strongest second tier in the world by some distance. SM clearly disagree. Nothing more than that.
  18. Check my predictions and look back at the rises they gave to the other 4 second tiers.
  19. If you are talking about the entire division, then lots of others were "shafted" as you put it. Bundesliga plus the top few of Bundesliga 2.
  20. Pretty harsh for the Championship again, but a nice rise for Mendez-Laing. I really can't agree with the way that SM seem to consider other 2nd tiers to be at least equal in terms of quality though. And Germany has begun as predicted as well.
  21. Roughly probably and there's nothing wrong with that. When they've reviewed leagues too quickly in the past, they've made numerous mistakes.
  22. Because that's the way SM do it. The other 4 second tiers were all reviewed in the autumn before the big 5 then (the Championship wasn't).
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