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  1. Re: Which winger and forward to sell???? Whats happened to this site?? 89 views and no replies????
  2. Re: Which winger and forward to sell???? Anyone???????
  3. Re: would you swap nasri for benzema NO............
  4. Re: Suarez for Drogba? One's very much on the up and one very much on the way down IMO, do it
  5. Re: GK | Buffon, Valdés or Reina ? Reina all day, i think he is the best keeper in the world. His distribution is second to none. He is somewhat of a penalty master His shot stopping and reflex saves are up there with anyone. He is a leader and organises defences well. Add to that, he seems to be a great team member, whether it is for liverpool or spain, he seems very well respected amongst his collegues. And as a fan it is comforting in thoes moments when a forward loses his defenders and is one on one...... You have a little more hope if its Pepe in goal.......... But then I am Bias
  6. Re: sell which defenders Cheers guys, Kjear seems to get the vote then for selling. Like i said, the lesser rated ones im not too bothered about, i dont mind them hanging around in the youth team. Its more the 89+ rated ones who start getting concerns and then end up going for next to nothing that i need to make a decision about. Anyone else got any comments?
  7. Re: Too many quality wingers.. Who to leave Cheers for your comments guys, the shouts are for johnson. The problem with that one is that i really rate him. I suppose its through heart rather than head as to me he can be massive for england and liverpool.... I'd love to see him in a red shirt! I just hope that he isnt going to become another great english talent stiffled by a club with the means to constantly buy better and prohibit development. Nice one anyway
  8. Re: Sahin for who????????? If anyone Cheers, yes i have hummels and luiz, they are defenders i have
  9. Re: Dejan Stankovic Why are you looking to sell him?? I'm asking because i have got him in a couple of setups because he's always been a cheap high rated midfielder. Do you or anyone else expect him to drop soon? If so i might cash in myself
  10. Re: diego ribas or lassana diarra i think diarra is quality but is he playing regularly? I thought he wasnt, maybe im wrong cos avnt watched much, but if he isnt could he get a drop?
  11. Re: Best 3 players to buy between 88 & 91 david luiz Wilshire Adam johnson Nobody has said johnson but i think he has a big future
  12. Re: Pedro or Kaka pedro all day
  13. Re: Ibrahimovic iam about to comit that forum no no and comment on a player and league i dont know much about. I have only seen ibrahimavic a hand full of times and i dont really see the obvious talent he must have in order to command so much respect from big clubs and such a high SM rating. I have been very unimoressed, to me he seems lazy at times and seems to go missing for half a game, i must be wrong but ive never seen anything to suggest to me hes one of the top strikers in the world. I just dont rate him and i have never bought or bidded for him for any of my sides for these ressons
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