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  1. Re: Which winger and forward to sell???? Whats happened to this site?? 89 views and no replies????
  2. Re: Which winger and forward to sell???? Anyone???????
  3. Re: would you swap nasri for benzema NO............
  4. Re: Suarez for Drogba? One's very much on the up and one very much on the way down IMO, do it
  5. Re: GK | Buffon, Valdés or Reina ? Reina all day, i think he is the best keeper in the world. His distribution is second to none. He is somewhat of a penalty master His shot stopping and reflex saves are up there with anyone. He is a leader and organises defences well. Add to that, he seems to be a great team member, whether it is for liverpool or spain, he seems very well respected amongst his collegues. And as a fan it is comforting in thoes moments when a forward loses his defenders and is one on one...... You have a little more hope if its Pepe in goal.......... But then I am Biassed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Re: sell which defenders Cheers guys, Kjear seems to get the vote then for selling. Like i said, the lesser rated ones im not too bothered about, i dont mind them hanging around in the youth team. Its more the 89+ rated ones who start getting concerns and then end up going for next to nothing that i need to make a decision about. Anyone else got any comments?
  7. Re: Too many quality wingers.. Who to leave Cheers for your comments guys, the shouts are for johnson. The problem with that one is that i really rate him. I suppose its through heart rather than head as to me he can be massive for england and liverpool.... I'd love to see him in a red shirt! I just hope that he isnt going to become another great english talent stiffled by a club with the means to constantly buy better and prohibit development. Nice one anyway
  8. Re: Sahin for who????????? If anyone Cheers, yes i have hummels and luiz, they are defenders i have
  9. Re: Dejan Stankovic Why are you looking to sell him?? I'm asking because i have got him in a couple of setups because he's always been a cheap high rated midfielder. Do you or anyone else expect him to drop soon? If so i might cash in myself
  10. Re: diego ribas or lassana diarra i think diarra is quality but is he playing regularly? I thought he wasnt, maybe im wrong cos avnt watched much, but if he isnt could he get a drop?
  11. Re: Best 3 players to buy between 88 & 91 david luiz Wilshire Adam johnson Nobody has said johnson but i think he has a big future
  12. Re: Pedro or Kaka pedro all day
  13. Re: Ibrahimovic iam about to comit that forum no no and comment on a player and league i dont know much about. I have only seen ibrahimavic a hand full of times and i dont really see the obvious talent he must have in order to command so much respect from big clubs and such a high SM rating. I have been very unimoressed, to me he seems lazy at times and seems to go missing for half a game, i must be wrong but ive never seen anything to suggest to me hes one of the top strikers in the world. I just dont rate him and i have never bought or bidded for him for any of my sides for these ressons
  14. Re: Aleksandar Kolarov - more rises? i'd say. Good player, i like him he gets forward, think mancini has played him in midfield a few of times, can get goals too, good striker of the ball
  15. Re: Adam Johnson i think hes quality, one of if not for me the most exciting english player breaking through. I think the world cup could have been better for england if he went. Im just not sure if city is the right place for him. Many young players progressions are hampered by being at big spending clubs, look at parker, SWP, and others chelsea bought and stalled
  16. Re: Jonny EVANS is he good or average your doin the right thing in selling him. A very average player. Theres loads of good defenders out there, like ur man said, at dortmund, u could get subotic or hummels, or david luiz perhaps. Im not saying buy these but imo cahill, hangeland,upson are all better defenders in the EPL but at smaller clubs,
  17. Re: Swap Busquets for Schweinsteiger?
  18. Re: Alexandre Song I have a lot of admiration for song, i have him in a number of my teams, my question certainly for this season is does anyone believe he will have a positional change... ?????? If im not mistaken he's dm/cb???? please correct me if wrong..... Im not an arsenal fan and don't watch him every game, but when i have watched him he seems to be playing in a more advanced position. Is this true? I know he has filled in at CB once or twice but he has had a great number of goals this season and is in and around the box more..... Could he perhaps get a Mid/cb change or cm/cb or any other??? I hope he does go to 92+............... Far off an essien at the peak of his game, although he does seem to have curtailed as have many chelsea players, its a brave comparisson, but imo Song is an underated performer.
  19. Re: Edin Dzeko No chance of dropping, certainly in this change,
  20. Re: swap kaka for messi ? Come on ................. What a waste of words.... you may be under 6yo or not like football and if so i appologise.
  21. Re: selling Ibrahim afellay..... I wouldnt sell him, he's just moved to Barca and is seen as a good prospect, You wouldnt expect him to push straight in but he has been given some sub appearences. He certainly won't drop in the short term and has a great chance to show some of the potential people have expected from him now on the biggest stage. If you did sell him 15m isn't nearlly enough, sure it depends on how long your game world has been going but one I am in is on about season 13 and I wouldn't have a problem getting 30-40m. I regularly get offers and turn them down. I find the newer the game world the lesser the transfer fees
  22. Re: Should I buy Pepe or Rio Ferdinand ? pepe all day mate, ferdinand is finished
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