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    bertthefirst reacted to lokman120 in New Barca side,,, Please Help!!!   
    Re: New Barca side,,, Please Help!!!
    Keep the following youngsters:
    Gai Assulin
    The rest either don't have the talent (Ogude) or have too much competition (Jeffren)
    As for the main Barcelona team. You have very expendable players in your CBs Marquez and Milito who both look set to drop and lose their starting position to either Pique or Chygrynskyy. As for the lack of width, maybe you should just try 433 formation which is pretty much what Guardiola does and it seems to work fine.
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    bertthefirst reacted to leecska in Lee's list of 88+ risers   
    Having taken so much from this forum I feel it's time I gave something back, even if it is just an amalgamation of other people's work. I'm going to try and list players currently's rated 88 or above from each country's league who have a chance of rising - my results for each country are split in 2 sections:
    Probable Risers - players with a 90%+ chance of getting a rise
    Possible Risers - players with a 50%+ chance of getting a rise at the moment, and who are likely to make progress from now until the rating changes towards that rise.
    Then I'll highlight my ★STAR BUYS★, players getting particularly large rises, or player likely to carry on rising. Basically, players you should definately get your hands on now!
    Where two (or more!) possible ratings are displayed (e.g. 90-91/92), the first is the one most likely.
    Looking for a certain position? Well now they're sorted again, this time by a player's primary position...

    DM (includes CM/DM)
    And finally, all the star buys in one, handy, place. Nice.
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    bertthefirst reacted to AsianInvasian in vermalhen and Evans and who to sell to fund buys   
    Re: vermalhen and Evans and who to sell to fund buys
    Out of the 6, personally I'd keep Carrico, Cissokho and Subotic. Although I'd really want to keep hold of Otamendi and Kjaer too . Maicon is a great defender, although I'm not sure he'll get much playing time this season with Bruno Alves and Rolando ahead of him, so he's probably expendable.
    Out of the two I'd sign Vermaelen, he basically has no competition to get into the starting line-up, whereas Evans has Vidic and Rio to bypass.
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    bertthefirst reacted to cattermole4england in vermalhen and Evans and who to sell to fund buys   
    Re: vermalhen and Evans and who to sell to fund buys
    Id keep hold of Otamendi as he seems to be getting games for argentina and surely a move to europe isnt far away.
    Cissokho and Kjaer i would also definitely keep, but this is mainly because I have seen these players more than the others.
    I agree you should make Vermaelen priority over Evans though.
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    bertthefirst reacted to cristianoballotelli in which top defender should i sign   
    Re: which top defender should i sign
    pepe cause you need dm than ramos sell puyol also he cant go up just down
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    bertthefirst reacted to Kieran Smith in which top defender should i sign   
    Re: which top defender should i sign
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    bertthefirst reacted to Paladin in which top defender should i sign   
    Re: which top defender should i sign
    In terms ability and potential, I would go with this order:
    Ramos(one of the best RBs)
    Pepe(Real Madrid's best CB, very solid, but his temper is a bit...)
    Albiol(future of Spanish national team)
    Mertesacker(consistent, won't rise and some think he's overrated)
    Bruno Alves(class!)
    Juan(Still quality although he's 30 already)
    G. Milito(Injury has pulled him down)
    But I think all of them may not be in your first team, so I reckon Ramos is the best option for the future.
    If you play any formation with 3 defenders at the back, just use Maicon-Puyol-Chiellini is enough.
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    bertthefirst reacted to Spam in Young Argies to Keep??   
    Re: Young Argies to Keep??
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    bertthefirst got a reaction from Bowen in Young Argies to Keep??   
    I am looking to buy Benzema as a replacement for luca toni, I want to offer Robben and another player.
    I have a load of Young argentines who are finishing their TB (and a couple of others).
    Can anybody tell me who out of these I should keep? I generally buy to sell, but don't want to let a real diamond go.. Will any of them get another big increase?
    BENAVIDEZ, Exequiel
    MANCUELLO, Federico
    BURDISSO, Guillermo
    OTAMENDI, Nicolás
    IBERBIA, Raúl
    MENENDEZ, Cristian
    FORMICA, Mauro
    MARCONE, Iván
    VITTOR, Sergio
    MARTINEZ, Matías
    VILLALBA, Daniel
    SCHENNIKOV, Georgi
    MAICON, Pereira Roque ( i belive he's a bit of a gem)?
    RAUL, Guilherme Martins
    BOQUITA, Rafael
    BERNARDO, Vieira de Souza
    Thanks in advance!!!
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    bertthefirst reacted to BlairC in Help with a brilliant but under-performing Arsenal Side   
    Re: Help with a brilliant but under-performing Arsenal Side
    I play 3-4-1-2, ticking Counter-attack, Men Behind Ball and Using Playmaker (use the '1') I also use Normal tackling, direct, fast tempo. 8 teams that play this, 7 of them are on an over than 5 game winning streak.
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    bertthefirst reacted to Rikkardo in Help with a brilliant but under-performing Arsenal Side   
    Re: Help with a brilliant but under-performing Arsenal Side
    it's relatively simple..
    dont try to out think/tactic the unmanaged teams, just " mirror " the formation & tactics the unmaneged team has used over the last 3 / 4 games... the higher rated will win on most occasions.. try it and post back here with your next result.... I'M SURE U'LL WIN, if u " mirror "
    IT has always worked for me
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    bertthefirst reacted to Omzin8a in Help with a brilliant but under-performing Arsenal Side   
    Re: Help with a brilliant but under-performing Arsenal Side
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    bertthefirst reacted to #rooneyisyummy# in Iaquinta,,,,, Stay or go...????   
    Re: Iaquinta,,,,, Stay or go...????
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    bertthefirst reacted to Gozzy in Iaquinta,,,,, Stay or go...????   
    Re: Iaquinta,,,,, Stay or go...????
    Iaquinta always become quality and useful player for Juve and Italy although he never become 1st choice there. Last season,when he given the chance to play as starter in last few games before the end of season,he plays brilliantly and that why he still called to Italy squad although his appeareances for Juve last season not too much. I think he'll still be important part for Juve next season and keep his rating. He's your best striker,so dont sell him
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    bertthefirst reacted to DerbyPower in Should I swap Eduardo for Bojan   
    Re: Should I swap Eduardo for Bojan
    STOP IMMEDIATELY! Offering both Maicon and Carriço would be a deadly mistake. I rate them both very highly. Maicon has just moved to Porto, and Carriço is a future NT international up with Miguel Victor. Don´t include these two in the deal.
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    bertthefirst reacted to Rob353 in Steven Gerrard - Unfair Rating   
    Re: Steven Gerrard - Unfair Rating
    Okay, ive decided im going to go back on what I said earlier on in this thread.
    Is Ronaldo truely better than Gerrard? I dont think he is...
    Does Ronaldo chase back and win the ball when he loses it? or does he just let his other team mates win it back for him?
    Does Ronaldo do any form of defensive duties? or does he wait for the ball to get passed to him?
    Is Ronaldo truely a good asset to the game? He can play great football, but is he a great role model to young footballers out there, with disrespect for Sir Alex at being substituted, diving and lack of respect for fellow footballers (steven taylor incident comes to mind:rolleyes:)
    Is Ronaldo behind his team 100%? Or does he get annoyed at his team mates regular when they are not doing what HE wants?
    Gerrard tries to win the ball back if he loses it.
    Gerrard does his fair share of defencive duties. (Not as much as he used to cause of Alonso and Mach, but he still does a fair bit.
    Gerrard is a good asset, he plays good football, dives quite a bit, but not as much as Ronaldo, and shows respect for the club, manager and other footballers, which is only a good thing for young footballers for someone to look upto.
    Gerrard is 100% behind Liverpool and its players, which can't be said for Ronaldo and United really.
    Gerrard sets up goals and scores goals, just like Ronaldo strangely enough. (Once again, not so much this season imparticular)
    I think you guys need to detach yourself from this mindset of "Well, he sets up loads of goals and scores loads of goals" with Ronaldo. Because a footballer is the full package, its what they can bring to the team. Sure, he can run fast, skill and hit a ball well. Gerrard can't skill, or run that fast. Does that make Gerrard not as good as Ronaldo? And of course, Ronaldo takes better freekicks. But Gerrards freekicks can be just as effective, in a less dramatic way. Lets put goals, "skills" and pace out of our minds. Who is the best PACKAGE player.
    I know I'd prefer Gerrard in my AM then Ronaldo on my Wing.
    And before anyone says "Forwards and Wingers dont need to defend or track back" look at Rooney, how often do you see him charging back to win the ball if he has lost possesion? Can't see Ronaldo doing that in all the time ive watched him play.
    So what if Gerrard isn't in a team thats winning loads of trophies... that doesn't make him worse player. If Gerrard was playing EXACTLY the same, but for United, you bet your life he would be 98 rating lmao. And thats whats wrong with the way ratings work on this game.
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    bertthefirst got a reaction from Neller in ££££ Mascherano ££££ Tevez £££ or loyal?   
    Re: ££££ Mascherano ££££ Tevez £££ or loyal?
    Youve confused me,,,,,,,
    Rob said i was talking about both, then uve come back with that.......
    Doesnt THEYVE mean both, two of,
    U don't know if your arthur or martha.
    As for a liverpool supporter taking an opoortunity to have a go at a manc, at least we do it when we play you mate. You have a go at scousers or LFC when your playing boro or west ham or anybody, its u lot who are obsessed with us..
    I respect fergie, utd and the lot for what theyve achieved, its fans like you who probably boo berbatov while he's on the pitch that do my head in, the ones that make No sense. And dont get me started on that portugese idiot. You'll probably see no wrong in him either,
    and before you start i do see that he's arguably the best player in the world but when youve just won a game that will probably win you the league and then its all about him its wrong... Last year also,,,,,,,,,, what an achievment...... league and european cup, you should have been partying for the whole summer, instead that big baby made it all about him wanting to go....................................
    He must feel like a right idiot. he wants to go to Real but he's starting to realise that there's nothing there,, why would he want to leave United and go there, He will go but it will be when fergie has had enough of him, it wont be christiano's choice,,, i think he underestimates Mr Ferguson.........
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    bertthefirst got a reaction from Jon in Who would you sell - BERBATOV or TEVEZ   
    Re: Who would you sell - BERBATOV or TEVEZ
    Agreed, I think I would keep Tevez and this tends to be the feeling of most of the united fans ive spoke to, Berbatov is very laid back in his way of play but has got tremendous skill and a knack of casually strolling into the right place. The problem is that United play with a lot more energy (tevez,rooney, ronaldo and the likes) and to me berbatov was never gunna fit in.
    On Tevez, yes, great player but the moment he and his mate mascherano came it was only about money, everything theyve done has been about money, I don't believe tevez will go to a spanish giant. I believe he and his mate Mascherano will both be starting for Man City next season. I am a liverpool fan and i would rather keep Masch, but, I think he's looking for a move and a big chunk of a big transfer deal...
    Man city are under massive pressure next season to get off to a good season and it has nothing to do with United where he goes, Premiership PROVEN world class is hard to guarentee with foreigners but there's two ready made for the cash rich Far Eastlands.
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