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  1. Loads of people in GC1 know what you're like. I won't take false accusations about me when your 'evidence' is complete nonsense and from before I even started managing this team. I hope one day you learn how to treat others with respect, but I suspect you never will based on your behaviour. Shame really as I don't like constant animosity with someone and constant disagreements but sometimes when people are as willing to act as horribly as you are willing to act towards other people - I have to stand up for myself and the rest of the good lads you've abused in the Game World. If you change your
  2. How can you say I did a deal with George Angel in June 2019 when I joined the GW in January 2020... which you even show in your own screenshots? Only just noticed you put that. Funny looking back at this thread at how much you've been scrambling cause you were caught out and everyone can now see your psychotic, aggressive behaviour where you have threatened myself and a number of other managers. I have no idea how you haven't been banned to be honest, but I guess it just shows how little this game is monitored (and how poorly it is monitored).
  3. I don't think you understand sarcasm. I don't want to meet random strangers from the internet and I think you offering to meet people for fights will likely result in you being banned eventually.
  4. I'm sure you do want to react 'anonymously' when this is quite clearly Ivan trying to limit the damage he has already caused himself and his reputation, it's even more obvious when you've typed this all out exactly how you speak on your main account. Everyone can see straight through you Ivan, the game is up.
  5. Please see attached images of conversation between myself (White) and Ivan Juric (Green). Ivan also previously went by the name 'ouyno sekoj'. Hopefully this clears up a huge debate going on in GC1, and shows Ivan (or whatever his name is) in his true light. As you can see from the screenshots at least 3 people all use that account, and therefore there are likely multiple accounts these people are connected to and cheating on. In addition to this they are hurling an insane amount of abuse at many managers on a regular basis, this is without provocation. Enjoy the reading of the messages,
  6. Step inside of football's... Parallel Universe Have you ever wondered how football COULD have been different? The clubs in the Parallel Universe are all located in UEFA countries. Throughout history, all of the clubs selected were incredibly strong domestically - and in many cases, at European level as well. Your mission is to create an immensely powerful team, that could challenge in the modern era of football. With an empty squad and £100m at your disposal, will you have what it takes? The worlds format is simple: 2 Divisions 8 Clubs per Division 2 P
  7. My friend Aaron has applied for Werder Bremen who are my direct rival, so would be a good battle
  8. Better watch out or I'll be giving this French scout of yours an offer he can't refuse and he'll be making a move to The Britannia! Another quality piece mate, done well to be very sparing and smart with your budget as well, really brought new life to that Bury squad.
  9. Really am bud, you're doing a great job with them. Good for the GW on the whole as well that we have in depth posts like the ones you've been doing. Making a real story for this Bury side who are destined for great things this season I think seriously big props for taking the time out to do these articles
  10. Absolutely loving these updates. So much effort going into them, look really great and are thoroughly enjoyable reads, and it really could be a great season for Bury!
  11. Impressive performance from my Stoke lads tonight with a victory at Villa Park. Stoke managed to put 3 past Jack Butland, who departed the side early in the transfer window for a club record sale. Bony scored a goal and was later voted Man of the Match for his performance.Tévez and Hazard were also amongst the goalscorers.
  12. Taken over at Stoke. Hopefully we can get a few more involved!
  13. Thanks mate, looking forward to getting involved!
  14. Hey, any chance I could get on the waiting list mate? New to the forums but avid player of the game, Gold Manager, 223 rep, only in 3 customs atm and this one sounds perfect for what I enjoy most out of the game. I'm currently in THE English Championship and European Deadline Day customs and also Galatasary manager in GC1, AC Milan manager in WC19 and Grimsby manager in EC3. Really hoping to get on the waiting list if possible
  15. Nice idea. Me and a friend of mine called Aaron would be up for it.
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