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  1. Re: Official Manchester City Thread Agree with Stuart, Demichelis will get the blame because he looks like an aging fat wrestler but Kompany being 5 yards deeper than the rest of the back four is where the chance originates. Demichelis probably just goes to ground instinctively. 0-1 is far from a disaster given the circumstances, incidentally.
  2. Re: Premier League Discussion Thread Albion have been painful to watch in clusters for a while now. I don't think he'd have turned it round, his selection and ideology today and last week were that of a scared, safety first manager. The Villa game was about as well as we've played in the last couple of months and adequately summed up some of Clarke's achilles heels. We never really settled on a game plan at 2-0 and then he dithered and chose to be reactionary when Lambert made the triple sub that changed the game despite the fact that everybody in the ground felt the momentum swing almost instantly. Yes he was in credit from last season but he inherited a regimented, organised group from Hodgson and supplemented it with Lukaku who won us games on the counter attack. The results have fallen off a cliff from about 6 months into his tenure,arguably enough time for him to have stamped his philosophy on the group,which appears to have been that of a poor man's Hodgson. Unfortunately his tactics don't seem to have evolved with the personnel, Long and Anichebe have qualities but they aren't going to do what lukaku did last season. As for where we go next, anybody willing to play progressive football would be nice. I'd rather go down playing the traditional Albion way than finish 15th and watch another season of drilled, soulless hoof ball ala Hull or Stoke and pretend it's some sort of achievement. I mean what's the end goal anyway? The top 7 is always going to be beyond us. A return to the early Mowbray days of genuinely adventurous football would be lovely.
  3. Re: Premier League Discussion Thread To play Devil's Advocate for a moment, is it not at the very least an anomaly worth investigating that black coaches are statistically hugely underrepresented. The pertinent question being why and unfortunately there's no easy answer, and certainly not one that will stop some people on either side of the debate becoming instantly offended and vitriolic. It simply can't be that they're less proficient and I don't buy that they're less interested in coaching, maybe that's true of some black ex-players but the statistics suggest that interest alone can't account for the relative lack of black managers. I suspect, anecdotally (a fair amount of black coaches have spoken about it, it's easy enough to dismiss it as bitterness if you wish, I suppose), there is a small element of prejudice involved somewhere in the cocktail of reasons but even if you disagree with that I'd argue that football management is missing out on a relatively untapped talent resource as things stand, so it's surely worth finding a solution, or at least finding out the underlying causes. Irrespective of all that what harm would adopting a copy of the Rooney rule do? If Stuart is right, reading between the lines of his post, and the main barriers to entry are experience and/or networking (or lack thereof) then surely it would be a good thing. Maybe someone interviews Ian Wright who otherwise wouldn't and finds out he's a coaching savant who idolises Valeriy Lobanovskyi. I kid, obviously, but who's to say there aren't talented black managers out there who aren't getting a chance because of non-racist issues like a lack of contacts. At the very least it could get John Barnes or Carlton Palmer another hilarious attempt at management.
  4. Re: When Sir Alex Leaves who will be Manager ? x2. How unexpectedly lovely to see TalentSearcher still beating his Mourinho drum. Some things never change.
  5. Re: The Official NBA Thread I don't think the Suns will be -that- bad this season. Probably lottery bound but I'd be surprised if they trouble the Cavs, Raps, Bobcats and maybe even Jazz or Hornets for worst record. Nash is still Nash even if he's a step or so slower. Gortat is one of the better centres in the league and they have decent perimeter players that can shoot the ball like Dudley, Hill and Frye. It's a terrible roster going forward (beyond Markieff Morris, anyway) but then any organisation that was actually interested in rebuilding rather the bank balance would have traded Nash when Amar'e departed. Pleasantly surprised by Ricky Rubio so far. Sure, he has a ton of flaws that he needs to work on but his vision and execution when it comes to passing are so, so good already.
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  9. Re: The Official NBA Thread Watching the Clips is going to be like highlight reel central now with CP3 tossing the ball up for Blake. Really kind of wish they could have gotten him without dispensing of one of Gordon or the Minny pick though. They're building something potentially special there for the first time in an age and Gordon is developing into a great (if a little short) 2 guard. And that 2012 draft is stacked. Can't really complain with a core of Paul - Griffin - Jordan though, even if they're overpaying the latter and the former only has one meniscus. As for my Magic, it's all bad news. The Jazz and The Hornets are looking very smart for accepting their fates with their superstars and trading early, especially when you compare what they got to the best package Orlando has received so far. Utah got Favors a decent trade chip in Harris and effectively Kanter to build with, New Orleans gets Gordon, Aminu and what's likely a top 5 pick for 2012, Orlando's best offer consists of Brook Lopez, Gerald Wallace, small pieces and some draft picks that likely land outside the lottery. Meanwhile despite pretty much everyone and their dog knowing that Dwight has mentally checked out of Orlando, Otis Smith goes around handing expensive(ish) extensions to people like Jason Richardson and Big Baby when it'd be smarter to blow it up and start again. If Smith somehow allows Howard to leave via free agency and the Magic gets stuck with Turk's toxic contract and nothing coming back for Dwight then they're heading toward Cleveland's epic badness last season. Speaking of which, it feels like Mark Cuban knows something about the off-season free agent bonanza that nobody else does. I expected the Mavs to go all out to keep the championship group together, but they've let Barea and Chandler (understandably, given the Knick's monster offer) walk away then salary dumped some decent bench players in Brewer and Rudy this week for a lousy 2nd round pick. I know they picked up Odom but his contract isn't guaranteed through the 2012-13 season, I believe. What odds Howard or D-Will land in Dallas?
  10. Re: Rate/Discuss Recent Films You HAVE Seen If you ignore everything he did in the noughties bar Inglorious then yeah' date=' sure. Not that he did a string of -really- terrible films or anything, but his work post-Jackie Brown was underwhelming a long time. [i']Drive[/i] was the last thing I watched and it was hugely enjoyable. Pretty sure I have a man crush developing for Ryan Gosling who is ridiculously awesome, and a more conventional one for Carey Mulligan, who's ridiculously cute.
  11. Re: Right now i'm listening to... (no football themed songs) 8JwXCBi-Eh8 I adore this album a stupid amount.
  12. RoKo7

    The Politics Thread

    Re: The Politics Thread Aye, and Mussolini always got the trains running on time. You can find good in most anything if you try hard enough, it's whether that good outweighs the (in this case enormous) amount of bad. They were also both massive tools, for the record.
  13. Re: Any good books suggestions? I hope you've read it, it's one of my favourite books. I love it so much I bought the t-shirt, literally. As for recommendations, what you've suggested isn't really my forte but William Gibson might fit. Coincidently I finished this today, it was even more wonderful than I expected.
  14. RoKo7

    The Blizzard

    Re: The Blizzard Whoops. Apologies at my tardiness, haven't been around for a while. If you like Gab Marcotti and James Horncastle I'd imagine it's right up your street. Issue Zero is but a dim and distant memory as I only got the digital copy but the first two proper editions have been great. I particularly loved Sid Lowe's interview with Lillo, who is a fascinating character, in #1, but the stuff on le Harve, Jonathan Wilson's Bilardista piece and Tim Vickery's column were all great too. And of couse The Ballad of Bobby Manager makes for a nice change of pace in both copies. I haven't finished #2 yet but the Clairefontaine piece was thoroughly enjoyable and I'd imagine Horncastle's Gianna Brera stuff will be like football **** for you. Comfortably the best football magazine around at the moment, so much better than When Saturday Comes, which is the best of the rest, that it's embarrassing.
  15. Re: Right now i'm listening to... (no football themed songs) 48K5Y0421Ig
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