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  1. Re: Berbatov Smoking I think this isn't the biggest reason why Berba isn't a £30,000,000 striker
  2. Re: Right now i'm listening to... Led Zeppelin's Underappreciated Versatility: Obviously: Rock & Roll cK_ZCNucxmI 'Rock and Roll' Blues aLzVGlN9aRw 'The Lemon Song' Folk LpTgGIhf6G4 'Going To California' Reggae fi-aV7LCMoE 'D'yer Mak'er' Funk fGe19nbMhaY 'The Crunge' Country I-AbHItLrJw 'Tangerine'
  3. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Hmmm, good and bad news. I don't mind Arsenal and I wanted them to keep their players fit to help stop United winning the league. On the other hand, this should help Barca, which I want since I believe they're the best team to stop United (though here's hoping Bayern can! ).
  4. Re: Right now i'm listening to... Buffalo Springfield bZP0pzDRtQw For What It's Worth
  5. Re: Official Aston Villa Thread ! * no spoilers * This is a big if (and likely an unnecessary one) If O'Neill does leave (which I can't really see happening soon and certainly not now) then I think Mark Hughes would be a good choice. Knows the league, available (no need for compo), would want the job, presumably, and has shown, if needs be, he is able to work on a tight budget (at Blackburn, not City ). The fact you have a large British contingent means you should probably get a British boss since I believe British players tend to react well to British managers (due to their relative inflexibility). Obviously not vital but I would think preferable. Thoughts? Also, whom are these other 'depressing' targets? I imagine Shteve's name has been linked since his rejuvanation. Who else? Not...*gulp*...Phil Brown!?!?
  6. Re: What Movies have made you Cry!? This one made me cry like a baby. It started off depressing and then right at the end it seemed like it was going to be a happy ending and then...just about the worst thing imaginable happened Not for the faint hearted...
  7. Re: Official Aston Villa Thread ! * no spoilers * I'd like to see O'Neill get some criticism for this. I've got nothing against the man, I DO think he is a very talented manager and has done a good job for you but it is frustrating to see how the man seems to have a force field around him protecting him from ANY media criticism. Especially frustrating as a Liverpool fan since Rafa gets criticised for everything from his beard to things out of his hands. I know he can do odd things, wrong things, but the way he gets crucified and someone like O'Neill, (who, let me say this again, I respect) who gets lauded as a master motivator constantly, who works on a small budget (not true) has allowed his team to collapse like this twice consecutively. I'm not even saying it is HIS fault, God knows the players need to take some responsibility and the size of your squad is a big factor but I'd just like to see some balance in the media for once. I know this doesn't matter to you Villa fans and probably isn't something that is going to cheer you up but I just thought it needed saying.
  8. Re: Official Liverpool Thread We could easily get away with that against smaller teams and just drop Kuyt and bring in a 2nd CM/DM for bigger teams. It'll never happen though, that line-up.
  9. Re: Right now i'm listening to... Jakob Dylan 1aETEU66U30 'Evil is Alive and Well' This guy is the son of a God, so I guess that makes him Jesus
  10. Re: Right now i'm listening to... Tom Waits xvS5JKZ5GCk 'Swordfishtrombone'
  11. Re: Official Red Devils thread So let me get this straight...Fletcher is Torres and Messi is Hargreaves Who is Carrick, bloody Péle!
  12. Re: Official Red Devils thread Hargreaves to train with the first team. Great news for you. I've always appreciated Hargreaves and I think that if he gets fully fit (admittedly huge if) he would warrant a starting berth in your team. I would start him for England over Barry if he can sort himself out and hopefully that will be a possibility (though Capello wont start him unless something happens to Barry). Would the prospect of Hargreaves excite United fans? More importantly, would he figure in YOUR teams? I'm just wondering...
  13. Re: Years in Music. Some nice choices there 78/79! Bob's Album of the Year: 'Entertainment' Gang of Four Gang of Four lb1lGaj1gJ8 'Damaged Goods' * * * * * The Clash hiQoq-wqZxg 'Guns of Brixton' * * * * * Elvis Costello yKwKx_Umqoc '(I Don't Want To Go To) Chelsea' * * * * * Bruce Springsteen NltljcANCFs 'Racing In The Street' * * * * * Funkadelic QYVmPo-T6Ls 'Who Says a Funk Band Can't Play Rock?' * * * * * Otis Day & The Knights qdRc7F9lDEc 'Shout!' The best version of the much covered song, from the movie 'Animal House'
  14. Re: Marco Reus-The Dictator of Germany Well, we can be thankful you didn't call him Herr Fuhrer then...
  15. Re: Right now i'm listening to... The guy's got an incredible voice, no doubt. I've been listening to him since his first album and he's put out some good (some excellent) stuff, but I have a nagging feeling that he has never got the songs to match his voice and passion
  16. Re: Fulham's Favourite Son At this stage of his career, it could even end it Even better news!
  17. Re: Right now i'm listening to... He died. He was found slumped over his keyboard trying to post on this thread again but had gone too long without sustenance. That's my theory anyway. I say we hold a service for him by playing a couple of his greatest hits.
  18. Re: Fulham's Favourite Son It gets better: Antonio Chimenti: "I've had better weeks!" This is from after the game:
  19. Re: Right now i'm listening to... Simon & Garfunkel NGykXOamGqE 'At The Zoo'
  20. Re: Right now i'm listening to... I had no idea he was dead I've posted quite a few Alex Chilton songs on here' date=' mainly from his Big Star era. Goes to show what an underrated legend this guy was that I've only heard of him passing now Great song, an appropriate 'Thank You' to a legend. Footage of him and the band in the video too. [center']Big Star JC0Wa3P_dO0 'Thank You Friends'[/center] I'll let this other bunch of greats, who were greatly influenced by him, like most of the 80s underground bands in the US, pay tribute to him better than I ever could. The Replacements sTSJYZyouek 'Alex Chilton' Children by the million sing for Alex Chilton when he comes 'round They sing "I'm in love. What's that song? I'm in love with that song." ...and lets finish with a couple more of his best songs: Big Star pte3Jg-2Ax4 'Thirteen' Just about the sweetest song you'll ever hear Big Star BNKSs1J38EA 'September Gurls' Probably the closest thing Big Star had to a hit courtesy of the Bangles cover (which wasn't even a single). Not a hit, but probably their most famous song. Let's hope Alex and Chris Bell are jamming in the clouds above
  21. Re: Years in Music. 1999! Bob's Album of the Year: 'The Soft Bulletin' The Flaming Lips 4mMC5CWTT0s 'Race For The Prize' Could have easily been Blur's '13' (good choices Lee ) or The Dismemberment Plan's 'Emergency and I'. * * * * * Built To Spill ZNUFphtTbuA 'Carry the Zero' (Couldn't find an album version, not a bad live version) * * * * * Mos Def ycJ5m5Mt9JE 'Mathematics' * * * * * The White Stripes F02sMznHeec 'Jimmy The Exploder' (Track #1, Album #1) * * * * * Aphex Twin vQXG3xC0c7c 'Windowlicker' (Video not for the faint hearted ) * * * * * The Magnetic Fields zQOrLamT0n4 'I Think I Need A New Heart'
  22. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Dirk and Lucas on SoccerAM This is pretty telling: MOST SKILLFUL?
  23. Re: Right now i'm listening to... Thom Yorke AND DJ Shadow!? You know that song's gotta be good.
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