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  1. Re: Riferimento: Re: gogo's.Signatures+Avatars

    Hi mate sorry but I dont understand because I'm italian and I understand english not very well...

    Can you use a more simple language...thanks

    can you make a daniel agger sig for me? with the words "veg" and "dagger" on it please.

  2. Posted this in the big thread twice and no response, i really need help with this guys. been offered a swap deal and i'm unsure. eliaquim mangala for john flanagan. neither get anywhere near my team, but who has the most potential? i'd be getting flanagan

  3. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    posted this the other day but no one came in, really need your help in this one as i know nothing for mangala... been offered a swap deal and i'm unsure. eliaquim mangala for john flanagan. same again, neither get anywhere near my team, but who has the most potential? i'd be getting flanagan

  4. Hi all, I have the best team in the league but I am still struggling to find good tactics and win my games that I should be winning easily. Here is my squad:


    Do you have any tactical advice? Also, as a liverpool fan, I am seriously considered selling him. Been offered benzema and david silva for him, not sure what to do? Any other signings you would recomend?

    Thanks guys

  5. Re: Official Liverpool Thread

    Liverpool being link with Dzeko in this morning's telegraph. Probably not true but would you like to see him strutting his stuff at Anfield? Or would you prefer a different striker/player for the price being mentioned for him (34million with possible ad ons of Babel and Agger)?

  6. Re: Player of the season?

    Average rating mate. nothing you can do about it. As long as they've played 5 games a player is in for a shout at player of the season. Makes so sense to me either, but how else could you suggest it being done?

  7. I know it's a hard job, but I have a large squad and am looking at getting rid of some players that won't rise any time soon / won't be above at least 90 in the future. Here is a link to my squad, please give advice on who to sell and prospects I should definately keep. Also if you know of any players I should sign that will help too.

    Help on any of the above will be greatly appreciated


  8. Re: Should i sell Sergio Aguero and Diego Forlan??

    No for Aguero!!! Forlan can stil do some job for you' date=' but for me i would just sell him with great price before he cold down:D[/quote']

    why not sell aguero? he was terrible last year and i'm very, very suprised he kept his 94. if he has another season like the last i wouldn't be shocked to see him drop to 92. not to mention how far he is down the pecking order for argentina. forlan, however seems to be getting better with age and has settled at madrid. i'd keep him and try swapping aguero for higuain.

  9. Re: biggest WC flop ?

    I'd have to say rooney. Came in to the world cup with everyone expecting to see the world class form that he showed for united last season and it just didn't happen for it. Yeah, torres hasn't been good, but that's because he's not played in ages so needs to get up to match fitness after his injuries

  10. Re: Deal for ronaldo

    Hell no' date=' I would take De Rossi and Higuain any day over Ronaldo. De Rossi is Italy's future capitain, and if Roma have another good season he could easily make 95. Higuain if he continue's his current form, should hit 96 in no time. so you would basically be swapping two great players for one, not good for you. Besides you almost never see Messi or Ronaldo winning the golden boot, or best player award within SM, eg within one of my gameworlds...

    Golden Boot = POGREBNYAK, Pavel (22 scored)

    Best Player Award = BERBATOV, Dimitar

    Neither Messi nor Ronaldo are within the top 25 average performances, and only Messi is in the top 25 goal scorers with 12 goals out of 31 matches[/quote']

    not nessaceraly true, i have messi in my favoured setup and he's joint top scorer and 3rd in the av. performance (behind 2 players who have played less than half of what messi has). anyway, back to topic, i'd say it depends on the formation you play. if you play wingers and have another quality winger to play with ronny (ribery or robben) then get him if not and you'd waste him in a different position i'd not bother coz de rossi and higuain are both asbolute quality!

  11. Re: possible cheating?

    Maybe im just thinking they are but they may not be.

    In one of my game worlds just about all of the smaller teams got human managers with in days of each other' date=' the sus part is that most of the teams managers are SM Reputation 41 and are all Real Madrid fans.

    Maybe im just looking a little to deep into things, maybe not.

    What i want to know is do i have to report cheating(if there is any) or do SM find it themselves by IP address or by other means?

    Thanks for any help[/quote']

    yeah, it seems quite suspicious, but there is no way of proving anything at the moment. check out a few of the bigger teams to see if there's any transfer offers. SM do have many anti-cheating devices but there are ways around them so it is possible. if there are any (what you think are) dodgey transfers send a support ticket to SM and see what happens

  12. Re: My Barcelona side

    Im currently chasing my third consecutive title but have started very slowly this season' date=' and im playing with the same team as the last two season bar one player higuain. my starting eleven below.


    GK: Lloris 92

    LB: Evra 94

    CB:Chelleni 94

    CB: Vidic 96

    RB: Puyol 96

    LM: Silva 93

    CM: Fabregas 95

    RM: Iniesta 96

    Fwd: Ronaldo 98

    Fwd: Higuain 93/Bojan 88(on fire for me last few seasons)

    Fwd: Eto'o

    I would like to ask wether you think these are good positions for the team. I will now list the rest of my team below:

    Chamakh 90

    Ozil 91

    Tasci 90

    Van Persie 93

    Frey 93

    Albiol 92

    Diarra 92

    Fletcher 92

    Mata 91

    Castro 90

    Kjaer 90

    Cissokho 90

    Marchisio 90

    Nilmar 90

    Kroos 89

    Muller 88

    thankyou, appreciated..[/quote']

    Yeah, seems a good system to use all your best players, only question i have, why do you play lloris ahead of frey?

    i normally find that playing 3 at the back works better so you could try:






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